a statement of excitement or joy.
boyyy, dis shit is Gangsta' Gangsta'!
by Cracka'fo'sho' February 28, 2005
Top Definition
That's what they're yellin'.

It's not about a salary, it's all about reality.
Gangsta Gangsta. What more can I say?
by The Gangsta Nation January 22, 2008
The term used, generally by white girls, to describe "gansgters" or rowdy african amercans.
Girl 1: "Look at those Rowdy African Americans."
Girl 2: "Oh my, They are rather Gangsta Gansta."
Girl 1: " I concur, they are indeed Gangsta Gangsta."
by GangstaaaaGuh September 02, 2010
another way to say ur chopped or high on weed
1.im bout to choke on dat gangsta gangsta!!

2. guy: WAT U ON B??

by dope masta March 25, 2008
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