A woman (usually white and for no reason) who overuses slang and trys to look gangsta but sounds ridiculessly stupid doing it.

AKA a female wigger.
Man 1: Dude why does Julie talk like fucking retard?

Dude: She's a "Gangsta Bitch".

Man 1: Word!
#gangsta #bitch #female wigger #dumbass #waah
by Ike Turner May 16, 2008
Top Definition
A Female with a reputation for violence and Crime. Generally a Dyke in nature but not limited to that variety. This type of female tends to have an extremely foul and vulgure mouth, knows the words to G-Unit songs, and flips the Bird in almost every photograph taken. Her idea of fun is taking her son shopping for a Gun.
I dated a gangsta bitch who called me diamond because me dick was her best friend.
#gang-sta bitch #hoodrat #dyke #smut #homo-thug
by Dagawd July 25, 2006
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