totally pimped out homie or G
who belongs to either the WEST SIDE or heaven forbid BLOODS(suc tits)
these peeps b luvin rap
either can be a very rich and educated mac daddy, or a brotha of da hood
usually talk in *ghetto* speak
betta be a black nigga
(wiggas are permitted but at own risk....u may get shot)
browns are homies too and japs and chinks and jews......gays its up to u..... a lot of da times we b smokin....
pimped out gabgstas:ice cube
snoop dogg
nape dogg
50 (as in cent)
by Homie BC December 17, 2003
a true balla. we ride spinnas and know how to roll out hardcore
we gangstas ride our spinnas harcore biyatch!

damn it feels good to be a gangsta
by carl carlson June 19, 2004
a hommie hu keeps it real 24-7, a bruva from da hood e.g 50 cent n da hole of g-unit but ja rule fukin wannabe be m8 proppa wanksta
50 cent is a real gangsta he from da streets but ja rule, man he gta sort his shit out bruva he be just a wanksta
by g-bizzie December 10, 2003
Someone who keeps it real, thug.

See Drama, skipp, deezy, nina, g-unit, tupac, pacino, terell owens
Damn that deez is a gangsta
by deezy January 31, 2003
Hard, fearless, chin checcin, bitch slappin, who rolls with a clicc, doesn;t go down easy.
That homee got jumped and still walked home that's gangsta
by jdub December 13, 2002
a extremly hard ass person, who wears fubu clothing and heavy bling! they also tend to "diss" poor people or folk of lower class. townies usually try to act hard around gangstas as they are shit scared!
knock him out smithy, josh and jamie are fuckin gangstas ya'll!
by jamie February 12, 2004
1 someone from a gang
2 theyll fuck you up fast
3 slang for weed
1 what up gangsta
2 "gangstas suck. leet." blam blam "fuck"
3 no nerd no this site would know that shit tho
by shoeless joe June 09, 2003

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