an attitude,being hXc
me and chepe are gangsta cause were hXc
by pancho138 July 18, 2006
a fuckin wicked tune by dillinja
oh my daze funky flirt dropped gangsta last night at telepathy and the whole place went maaaaaaaaaad
by plop April 05, 2004
a gangsta is a gang member comin from the streets jus tryin to survive and aint afraid to bust caps for his gang,
not to be mistaken for a thug who is the same thing but not nessesarily from a gang.
Crips , Folk Nation , bloods = gangstas
Tupac = thug (Tupac wasnt a Crip he jus from the west-coast which is mostly run by Crips and he ran wit Snoop Dogg who is a Crip)
by Killa K December 09, 2003
"Gangster" or "Gangsta" is one who belongs to a gang of criminals, it's the same meaning as "thug". Also, "gangsta rap" is type of rap music with harsh anti-authoritarian lyrics.
All da fuckin' gangstaz dig da rap music.
by Fangsta March 19, 2003
Me, Chuck Norris, Chad Johnson, Kurt Brock, and or Mike Jones
Me Biacth holler at your fucking boi I am a fucking gangsta
by K-Swizzy Biatch March 08, 2006
An individual who is NOT of limited intelligence but rather an individual who is able to gain respect in areas where you need to fight your way to the top. Does not necessarily mean inner city men, or rappers. Also does not need to break laws to be a gangsta.
That nigga is a true gangsta, he don't take shit from nobody.
by Iggz November 22, 2003
A black male whos residence is in the ghetto, and who owns a gun which he has used, also very rarely u will see mexican and white gangstas.
O,man i got a cap popped in my ass by that gangsta!
by Bigg Jake August 09, 2006
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