someone who shows off his/her BIG GUNZ..
someone who if they carry on in this way, is likely to get themselves shot
someone who is probably compensating for a lack of balls with their BIG GUNZ

..a stupid poser
yoyoyo i iz from da ghetto and i iz gonna blow ya hed off coz i iz a wel ard gangsta
by coolasfuck August 24, 2006
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1. A term used by sub-urban white kids to make themselves sound hardcore

2. A word used to describe the new-age gangs and rappers. As opposed to the original gangsters of the 20's and 30's.
1. Kid #1: Yo! Check out how fast I can type!
Kid #2: That's straight up gangsta, biatch!

2. That guy is pure gangsta, did you see him beat that poser suburban kid up?!
by switchflop July 08, 2006
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Gangstas are nothin like what you see on MTV. Go around Harlem, Queensbridge, South Bronx, Bed-Stuy, Stapleton, Washington Heights, you dont see niggaz with their damn chains and all your "video hoes", you se a nigga thats reckless and not scared to bust his gun at anybody who gets in his way. Usually black or hispanic. Dont be fake with it, suburban white boys, just cause its on MTV doesnt mean thats what its like for real
Go to uptown manhattan, western queens, brooklyn, south bronx, some parts of S.I.
by Adept April 01, 2005
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i think that a gangsta is someone who is undereducater and unaware of the possibility of everyone secceding and making a contribution to the american society. gangsta can also be defined as some one who is un able to brake the vicious cycle of proverty.
those dumb people who stand out on the street corner aka "the block" and dont vote for change in the community and kill there black brothers and sisters over jordan gym shoes or a dice game.the people who blame the white man because thay cant stop getting arrested or get a job.the ones that our future aspire to be. yah thats not a gangsta thats a dumb ass.
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First of i'm a black person , living in the hood so i know what the hell i'm talking about

A gangsta is just a gangsta. White people have no idea of the definition so u can't ask them.

Gangstas are not stupid but in fact very intellegent. Instead of going to school, gangsta decide to sell drugs as it is a easy and fast way to get money. It true that gangsta like "hoes", wear jewerly and buy sneakers for 200 dallors but wouldn't you if you had that money.

Gangsta have a reputation for being stupid. This is true. There are two types of gangsta.

Type 1
The ones who dress nice, wear money, may be in illegal activites. A lot of respect in the neighborhood, which makes them gangsta.

Type 2
The ones who dress all with baggy clothes and stuff, lot of mouth and say they do this and that when in reallity they don't do anything.

White people think all gangsta are type 2.

Gangsta doesn't mean you sell drugs etc. It means that you have a lot of respect in your hood.
Type 1
"HI Day, Day yo he real gangsta, he real fresh and no one messes with him"

Tybe 2
" Yo man i'm gangsa man yeah dog, yeah i shot 20 niggas once yeah, yeah"
by artik15 April 11, 2006
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1. Person you don't mess with, and someone you DON'T want to be. Usually grew up in the 'Ghetto' and had a rough life. Involved with drugs and such, they could pop a cap in your ass.

2. The fake gangstas are people usually white, rich, 'badass' and ages 12-17 (hopefully they grow up). Claim to be 'Mad OG' and listen to so much rap they think they're black. Say words such as 'nigga' 'OG' 'OD' 'homie' 'mad OD' and 'badass'. Also wear large amounts of 'bling' (usually a diamond earring, or anything diamond) on themselves, like necklaces and earrings. Constantly quote rap songs, and try to use it as a pickup line for girls.
1. Wayne is gangsta; he grew up on the wrong side of town, and he is someone you don't wanna mess with.

2. Jesse is a white, blond and blue eyed. He is rich and lives in a three story home, and claims to be OG. He is 17, listens to rap all day and says he's badass. His 'bling' is a diamond earring, and his pickup line to Sari was 'Shawty I'ma hit it hit where I can't miss, I'll take you to my candy shop.' He says he's 'Gangsta'
by DriedxTears May 02, 2009
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well if you know what the fuck your talknig about then Bill Clinton is a gangsta and a pimp!
by John January 30, 2005
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