a hommie hu keeps it real 24-7, a bruva from da hood e.g 50 cent n da hole of g-unit but ja rule fukin wannabe be m8 proppa wanksta
50 cent is a real gangsta he from da streets but ja rule, man he gta sort his shit out bruva he be just a wanksta
by g-bizzie December 10, 2003
what every white boy in the suburbs thinks they are
person1- look at christopher, his pants are so low
person2-yah, he thinks he's a gangsta
by nolas revolt August 12, 2009
A Gangsta is somebody that thinks they can, take drugs, shoot people, and commit murders without a word being said to them. When actually, they have just have there own little messed up lives, living in the 'Ghetto' that they have to take it out on others. This is due to the factor that most wanting to be a Gangsta like the fact of being 'Hard.' Usually Gangsta's are black, but now-a-days white people have come to the conclusion, through rap music that they can be gangsta too.
The Word 'Gangsta' is just a lable for a clique, or a single person.

A so called Gangsta is symbolised by the clothing worn, music listened to and weapons carried or used. In most cases, hats, large gold chains and a 'Gangsta walk' is very impportant in a Gangsta status.
Words such as "Yo, Homie, Nigga, Bruva" are used in the "Ghetto." "I is proper Gangsta like." "Is it coz i is black!"
by Klowiiee December 30, 2007
Term generally used to identify modern inner-city minority males who are uneducated, on drugs, alcoholic, unmotivated, useless and flat broke. Usually they are covered with tacky tatoos and sport unwashed braided hair which renders them even less employable. On average they weigh 90lbs. and cannot compete academically with an average 8 year old from the white suburbs. Having little or no self esteem, they derive a sense of "manliness" by gunning each other down in cold blood. While this violence helps society by reducing the numbers of this human vermin, unfortunately even aiming a gun properly is beyond their cranial capabilities. Hundreds of innocent school children and employed people with goals are usually shot in the crossfire. Gangstas tend to act tough while stealing cars, snatching purses, shooting innocent children or robbing people with jobs. Strangely once incarcerated, these 90lbs. "tough guys" are rendered helpless without access to firearms or dozens of fellow gang bangers. Usually gangstas end up as an oral/ anal entertainment system for the older criminals.
Tyrone, a true gangsta from the projects, fired over 30 rounds from his cheap Tec-9 semi-automatic 9mm at a rival gangmember named Leroy. Unfortunately Leroy escaped unharmed but 3 children in the playground were struck and killed. Tyrone now cries himself to sleep every night in prison after spending long painful days bent over grabbing his ankles in the shower room servicing older convicted felons.
by The Bradster December 08, 2007
to rarely hit someone, break the speed limit, wear baggy skater clothes and listen to lyrically disturbing, derogatory, discriminating, racist, sexist, aural diarrhea just because it has a 'sick beat'. similar to 50cent and eminem.
dude, that girl is gangsta as rolling in her merc pumping some sick beats.
by versd August 17, 2014
Gangsta is a word thrown around to often these days,i live in an area where people smash a window and automatically there gangsta and thats the baddest thing they will ever do in there lives(miller 2168 australia).They r all talkers, a gangsta carrys a gun at all times and is working in the drug business. I do alot of illegal things but because i dont yell it out and tell the world im not gangsta lol. U have 2 c these ppl they walk around thinkin they r bloods and crips, since wen did the bloods and crips cum 2 australia, i keep tellin em u dont look african american. These kids havent seen half the shit ive seen. they are so embarrissing. thanx 4 lettin me get that out.
boy 1:smash that window man
boy 2:ok
boy 1:man u gangsta quick we better go the cops are coming
... 2 hours later:police arrive:ah f*#k it lets go
by stiffy(steve) May 15, 2006
one who think s/he is ghetto

not the same as gangster, i.e. a member of the mob
I'm so gangsta, yo, look at all my bling. It's so heavy, I can't lift my head. Ow.
by purple apple November 06, 2005
A Gangsta Is A Fat Wigger Who Loves To Where Baggy Pants. Chains And Loves To Make Shitty Music Named Rap.
Normal Person:Hey Joe
Gangsta:What My Nigga?
Normal Person:I Hate Rap
Gangsta:Your Just A Hater. You Be Hating
by VXC2 April 12, 2009
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