a hommie hu keeps it real 24-7, a bruva from da hood e.g 50 cent n da hole of g-unit but ja rule fukin wannabe be m8 proppa wanksta
50 cent is a real gangsta he from da streets but ja rule, man he gta sort his shit out bruva he be just a wanksta
by g-bizzie December 10, 2003
The dumbest gimmick alive. Can be best described as a failed genetic creation.
Failed specimen: YO SHIZZY, i'm GangStA Brotha!?!?! *insert malfunctioned English sentence*

Guy 1: *Ignores failed specimen*

Guy 2: *Rolls eyes*

Guy 3: *Laughs hysterically*

by Environmentalist August 10, 2008
An idiotic poser who obviously has no life and had resorted to drugs to. Bitch slapin, drug dealing, and car pimpin are their favorite pass times.
That motta fuckin gangsta Timmy, just sold me some pot and them slapped my bitch. I outha bust a cap in his ass.
by Sally Sesaw February 05, 2007
Synonym for idiot, low life and angst out. Most are ussually poser's who live in the city. They try to proove themself tough by randomly cursing at a kid half their size in the train station. I was once one of these people, getting into fight after fight after fight to proove myself tough to people who dont give a crap about me and put myself at risk to get jumped several times. basicly a street conformas. Its best to ignore them since most will die or end up in jail by the end of the year.
1)Most Gangstas can't spell the word Synonym.

2) I grow weary of these dumb teens who feel their gangsta because they can write their name in grafitti. I would leave the city but i put $1000 on my Metro card.
by Rattlesnake316 July 26, 2005
Let me tell you something. It's NOT COOL, okay. If you hold up a gun, throw up a gang sign, and wear a doorag on your head to show what you think will make everybody take you seriously, or will make people respect you, you are not gangsta. You're an ignorant ass. The common definition of a gangsta today is messed up. It's basically somebody glorified for selling/buying drugs, being in a gang, and trying to shoot up everybody who looks at you wrong. And the worst part of it is, it's mainly directed at Black America. And that's bull right there because it's gonna take forever (if we ever manage) to throw off this stereotype that follows us wherever we go.

Sometimes though, gangsta means something more. The respectable gangsta (and it only sounds like an oxymoron) doesn't carry a gun and doesn't sell drugs. They just do what they have to (within the limits of the law) to survive/protect the people they love. If you wanna be gangsta, try that out for a change and have some respect for yourself and the people around you. And for God's sake, put down the gun and the doorag.
Ignorant Guy#1: Gun? Check. Doorag? Check. Multiple gold chains? Check. This that gangsta sh*t man!

Person With Actual Intelligence: What an ass.

Example #2
Patriach of a large family: You wanna be a gangsta so bad? Be a man. Work hard and take care of your family. Don't be trying to shoot up whoever pisses you off. That's ignorant as hell and there aren't enough bullets in the world. Don't blame everybody else for what you can't or won't do. Remember to do what's right. You wanna be a gangsta. Now go be one.

Nephew of said patriach: THAT'S the gangsta sh*t.
by Because-I-Am May 08, 2009
1) One who submits to a disorganized crime syndicate. Usually uneducated, poor marksmanship, poor grammar, and poor quality of life.


2) A stupid youth who believes he is in an organized mafia syndicate, who speaks in slang, wears baggy, foolish looking clothing, and demotes his or herself to below the level of George W Bush.

3) A slang word for Gangster. Which is an organized crime syndicate member. The word is now vaguely used for it's original term, and refers to Definition #2.

FYI: A gangsta is usually a youth of great stupidity, who thinks highly of his or herself, due to the fact that they listen to (c)rap music, wear baggy clothes, or demote women. Usually seen pretending to be cool, and act tough whenever their social identity is threatened. They have no sense of individuality, and actually believe they are in a mafia. Where as a real Mafia, Cartel, or Organized Crime Syndicate will fuck them up so bad, they will not live to tell a tale about it.

Get it in your heads you stupid kids, you are not the Mafia.

Other Definitions include:

Wangsta: An idiotic Caucasian person who attempts to act "gangsta", and a stereotypical African American Male.

Long live Rock and Roll...
Gangstas are stupid.
The stupid American Teenager tried to act gangsta, but the real Mafia killed him.
by Joe Mcbob October 25, 2007
A gangsta is a person who lives their life to the lowest extent and with the lowest effort possible. Instead of conforming to the 'trade', by working for money, and spending that money, they decide to become leeches, and steal money and goods. Gangstas also partake in the illegal drug trade in an attempt to survive.

The very society that gangstas hate and despise, are actually their providers. If there is nothing to leech off of, they will quickly die out, primarily by killing each other.

Gangstas believe they are tough because they are violent, and can sometimes take a beating. But little do they realize, that the tough people in society are the ones who understand what needs to be done. Society wasn't built by half-wit hot heads.
Signs of gangstas.
1: Loves Rap music
2: Is violent, and extremely short-tempered
3: Has horrible marksmanship
4: Wears baggy clothing, usually exposing their underwear.
5: Very ignorant
6: Usually lives in a bad neighborhood.
7: Speaks Ebonics's fluently.
8: Loves to talk about crime, sex, drugs and alcohol.
9: Uses the word "nigga" in atleast 2 out of 3 sentences,
10: Is obsessed with using the question"You know what I'm sayin'?" at the end of every sentence.
11: Probably has 5 or more children with atleast 3 different mothers, all which he refuses to pay child support for.
by YourReallyReallName September 08, 2009
Any individual who has left school at the age of nine and is already wearing giant basket ball shirts and tent-sized shorts. A desire to have unprotected intercourse with as many 'bitches' as possible is essential. The individual will not be educated or employed. Instead they will sell crack to buy tasteless bling. This must be as large and crass as possible to ensure all other gangsta's know how much crack said gangsta has sold to children in his ghetto or hood. Controlling haphazard prostitute rings is also a glorified past-time of the moden gangsta, as is shooting innocent men, women and children during drive-bys. Having no taste in music or cuisine is a must, along with no desire to better oneself. The gangsta can be defined as any person who believes a chosen lifestyle of drugs, prostitution and murder is a good thing. Not to be confused with Italian gangsters - portrayed in epic trilogy The Godfather - who run intricate but violent crime empires under an Italian code of honour. And don't dress like The Tweenies.
Fo shizzle dat gangsta's been bangin caps in his bitches
by 50 Nurp February 25, 2008

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