GANGSTA: Somebody who was born and raised in a really violent environment (like New York or Los Angeles) and I had basically nothing in their life. They either have only one parent around, who is more-likely and crackhead or an alcoholic and is abusive to the child, or who grew up with their grandparents. Some gangstas probably don't even have a home. The only places they consider home is probably an alley somewhere on the streets or jail. They never attended school and if they did, they probably dropped out due to bad grades, or probably got kicked out for fighting all the time or bringing guns and drugs to school. They never had more than 10 dollars in their pocket and the only way for them to survive and live longer is to selling drugs and possibly kill people. They never had a decent girl in their life. The only kind of girls gangstas get are sluts or hos (girls who always cheat and kiss or have sex with 2 or more different boys a day). The only way for a gangsta to get respect or become a big figure on the streets is to either fight almost every day or kill people. They ALWAYS HAVE to walk around with a gun clipped to their hip or a blade or knife in their pocket to protect themselves because they can't trust their so-called "homies" or "friends" they chill with. Kids who grew up to the projects have seen nothing but violence in their life (fightings and shootings) and that is what makes them gangstas today. So if there is a kid who has seen nothing but violence in their life, there is a 98% chance that they will grow up to become violent (always fighting, shooting people, stabbing people, raping girls, destroying cars with rocks and bats, and even killing people). Gangstas never had a decent job in their life. They only sell drugs or pimp girls, who wear shirts that are so short that you can see their belly and who wear tight-ass pants and short-ass skirts. Most gangstas have a BIG criminal record for doing stuff like assaults and thefts. That's why the police are the most-hated people in the hood. Gangstas sees snitches as "bitches" or "pussies"". So if someone snitches on a gangsta, that gangsta will either call his "homies" from prison and tell them to find and kill the snitch, or will just wait until he gets out of prison to kill the snitch himself.

Basically, all I am saying is that gangstas are NOT people who you want to look up to or try to be in your life. Gangstas can't help the way they act or what they do because it's the way they grew up. Half of the people who talk about being "hood" and "G'd up" don't know a thing about what REALLY goes on in the hood. They won't be able to survive the ghetto. Most of the people who talk like they're ghetto are probably even too scared to put up a fight in the streets or do any activities that are gang-related, including stealing, breaking into cars, or killing. But gangstas in the "hood" aren't scared to because it's the way they grew up, they're used to doing crazy stuff like that. Let's take 50 Cent as an example. This person grew up in a very rough neighborhood where there is nothing but crime and gang activity. He's been in fights before, he sold drugs, he's been to jail, and he's been shot. That's the kind of stuff that goes on in the "hood". People even say that he's lucky, considering the fact that he was VERY close to either being killed or doing life behind bars. Even though he's rich and he has beautiful girls all over him and shiny cars and stuff like that doesn't mean you want to be just like him. I mean, look back to his life and see what he had to go through to make it to the position that he is in today. The point that I am trying to get across is that being a gangsta is not cool and definetely not fun. There is nothing good about it. At all.
"If you take a look at my eyes/You'll see I'll be a gangsta 'til I die."-The Game, 50 Cent "Westside Story"
by Cory N. July 18, 2007
A perversion of the word gangster mainly used for latino/black gangs.
Gangsta is also becoming a counterculture of white preteen-teens in middle-upper class areas who want to sound "cool", these are known as Wiggers or Wangstas
by Mahopacpride February 07, 2009
1) For the idiot who can't spell "Gangster". Usually accompanied by silver painted plastic necklaces, out of fashion and oversized (although they think its unique) clothing.

2) Not to be mistaken for a "Gangster" which is the true form of being part of an organised gang. ie. The Mafia.
1) Guy #1: Yo holmes, chek dat shiz with home boy he is da tru gangsta!!
Guy #2: Yes, that's right Timmy.. That guy is a "true Gangsta" with his bling and baggy clothes, now finish your finger painting so I can change your adult diaper.

2) Sonny: What the hell is this?
Clemenza: It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca sleeps with the fishes.
by Bourbonbreath July 03, 2007
a real gangster is someone involved in organised crime, eg the italian mafia. however, townies/chavs refer to themselves as "gangstas" and have no idea about what the word actually means. if they ever mmet a real gangster and acted as they do, they would be assasinated within 3 hours. gansta is also shortened to G. the word is also used to describe something very good/cool ect.
that is gangsta blud!

i is a gangsa bredrin
by josh December 20, 2004
an individual who grows up in a poor area and do whatever it takes to"paperchase". Many gangsta's sell crack,coke,meth,weed,pills,guns and sex to buy all the material shit they never had growing up due to poverty. Often misunderstood many gangsta's dont give a fuck about anything and will solve problems with lethal force, many unintelligent gangsta's do not know how to use a firearm properly and miss many shots however more intelligent individuals such as a literate gangsta who knows how to rap will be more of a problem. most members of the urban community will dress in baggy clothes although lately tighter more fitting clothes have become prevalent. The bottom line is in the end that gangsta's say whatever they want and dont give a fuck about the consequences of their actions.
by Lyrical.till.death January 24, 2011
A Gangsta, is a individual, who is a low life, and regardless of their "circumstances" or "upbringing" still participates in a "gangsta" lifestyle and or behavior. You can not sugar-coat gangsta as a epitome of American living or a badge of honor. It's a disgrace to our Society as a whole and to mankind, when one breaks laws for simply doing so, "introducing" others to said many gangsta do to up quota into their groups. Degrading women, violence, all these things take a tole on our morals, and not to mention our educational system and economy with High Rates of Crime resulting form gangs, and or "gangstas" and the lives that are destroyed in the process. A gangsta is less than human, a de-evolution in morality and human intellect.
Shugg Knight, C-Murder, Young Buck, these are rappers who went to jail rightfully for doing horrific crimes and paid the price for their idiotic gangsta behaviors.
Other examples are Al Capone, mafias, other crime families, an syndicates around the world, recent Mexican Drug Cartels, all of these an terrorists included are Gang mentality driven individuals who are violent monsters that should be locked away. gangs are scrum.
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010
a dick-sucking bastard who thinks hes tough and likes to murder innocent people, sometimes even 5 year-old children
"gangstas" are stupid cowards who ought to be shot until each and every one of them is extinct

tupac is a bitch and i hope he burns in hell forever
by fuckgangs March 22, 2007
The individual at your school or neighborhood who thinks he or she is the shit when everyone knows they cleary are not; usually tries to be what the media protrays a gangster to be, a individual who bullies others and thinks he or she is the shit when everyone cleary knows they are not.
tom-"since when do gangsta's get dropped off to prom by thier moms?"
tom's friend- cough* "posers"
by geraldoGU93 December 13, 2009
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