GANGSTA: Somebody who was born and raised in a really violent environment (like New York or Los Angeles) and I had basically nothing in their life. They either have only one parent around, who is more-likely and crackhead or an alcoholic and is abusive to the child, or who grew up with their grandparents. Some gangstas probably don't even have a home. The only places they consider home is probably an alley somewhere on the streets or jail. They never attended school and if they did, they probably dropped out due to bad grades, or probably got kicked out for fighting all the time or bringing guns and drugs to school. They never had more than 10 dollars in their pocket and the only way for them to survive and live longer is to selling drugs and possibly kill people. They never had a decent girl in their life. The only kind of girls gangstas get are sluts or hos (girls who always cheat and kiss or have sex with 2 or more different boys a day). The only way for a gangsta to get respect or become a big figure on the streets is to either fight almost every day or kill people. They ALWAYS HAVE to walk around with a gun clipped to their hip or a blade or knife in their pocket to protect themselves because they can't trust their so-called "homies" or "friends" they chill with. Kids who grew up to the projects have seen nothing but violence in their life (fightings and shootings) and that is what makes them gangstas today. So if there is a kid who has seen nothing but violence in their life, there is a 98% chance that they will grow up to become violent (always fighting, shooting people, stabbing people, raping girls, destroying cars with rocks and bats, and even killing people). Gangstas never had a decent job in their life. They only sell drugs or pimp girls, who wear shirts that are so short that you can see their belly and who wear tight-ass pants and short-ass skirts. Most gangstas have a BIG criminal record for doing stuff like assaults and thefts. That's why the police are the most-hated people in the hood. Gangstas sees snitches as "bitches" or "pussies"". So if someone snitches on a gangsta, that gangsta will either call his "homies" from prison and tell them to find and kill the snitch, or will just wait until he gets out of prison to kill the snitch himself.

Basically, all I am saying is that gangstas are NOT people who you want to look up to or try to be in your life. Gangstas can't help the way they act or what they do because it's the way they grew up. Half of the people who talk about being "hood" and "G'd up" don't know a thing about what REALLY goes on in the hood. They won't be able to survive the ghetto. Most of the people who talk like they're ghetto are probably even too scared to put up a fight in the streets or do any activities that are gang-related, including stealing, breaking into cars, or killing. But gangstas in the "hood" aren't scared to because it's the way they grew up, they're used to doing crazy stuff like that. Let's take 50 Cent as an example. This person grew up in a very rough neighborhood where there is nothing but crime and gang activity. He's been in fights before, he sold drugs, he's been to jail, and he's been shot. That's the kind of stuff that goes on in the "hood". People even say that he's lucky, considering the fact that he was VERY close to either being killed or doing life behind bars. Even though he's rich and he has beautiful girls all over him and shiny cars and stuff like that doesn't mean you want to be just like him. I mean, look back to his life and see what he had to go through to make it to the position that he is in today. The point that I am trying to get across is that being a gangsta is not cool and definetely not fun. There is nothing good about it. At all.
"If you take a look at my eyes/You'll see I'll be a gangsta 'til I die."-The Game, 50 Cent "Westside Story"
by Cory N. July 18, 2007
Word (now defunct of all meaning) now only used by white suburban youths that percieve things through a black stereotype. This may come in the form of "looking tough", or sporting idiotic poses, or showing so-called "bling-bling". This word is merely used to feel/act "cool" and gain street cred while at the same time destroying the black and italian community.
This word has become very annoying when blantantly repeated by waspy preppy youth.
Joan: OMG! Shandra! Look at this bling-bling! I'tS tOtAlLy gAnGsTa!!
Shandra: Bitch, you wouldn't know "gangsta" if one capped you in your ass!
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004
A life of Pain and Fear followed by a hardened soul. It is not forced on you but made as a young kid in a ghetto who sees all the things your brothers and older friends who you look up to and see that they are gangstas. And once you enter a gang there is no getting out. In addition to watching your best friends die for stupid and pointless reasons, you can never rise above what you have gotten into. A GANG. That is a true gangsta someone who is IN A GANG. Then Through all of this it is glorified to the point where those who recognize the stupidity of its glorification then ridicule the young impressionable kids who joined the gang as illiterate and stupid. For people whove never been in a real ghetto, whove never had to take care of their younger sister when their mom would be gone from the house for weeks, for people who had nothing growing up and were looked down upon by people( for example the people on this site who dont know what they are talking about) its a way to be someone, to live, and survive as a gangsta. But by succumbing to this we kill each other, and keep ourselves from every rising above the status quo. The world would be better if we didnt have to be gangsta's. And to All those kids out in the suburbs pretending, do whatever you want its your choice as long as you do not cause harm to anyone or yourself, you are living in a false reality driven by stories of a life more exciting then your daily routine in your safe boring neighborhood. But as long as you glorify it you are proving yourself to be dissillusioned and have never seen anything besides what is on tv, and music.
J Kwon: I been banging since fifth grade cause my older cuz made so much money, bangin and sellin crack and shit. it didnt take long for my soul to become hard. I hate this life, if i could leave i'd leave and move somewhere where its not like a fuckin war. everyday its like iraq. bam. bam. bam. niggas die, its not fair we do we do this to eachother, little kids been shot, kids 8 years old strapped. kids 9 years old selling crack. kids 10 years old banging. We makin hell worse for eachother, funerals everyday, always ready to die. kids seeing shit nobody should see. then on top of all the pain, all the suffering, once we become successful we use this to exploit eachother, and glorify our pain

The Cynical Uncaring Representation of Society: Thats Gangsta
by The Antidote For Our Poison March 11, 2006
The origin of the "gansta" credo, which is akin to many resistance movements
that have sprung up around the world is precisely defense of one's own
community. Notions of community sovereignty and self-determination are the core founding principles that uphold the "gangsta" philosophy. Of course,
notions of sovereignty, self-determination, and autonomy are closely tied to the principle of a self-sustaining economy, which in a capitalist context such as the U.S., requires all gangstas to find a way to provide for themselves and for the gangsta unit. The most common resource that is utilized is of course commerce in contraband: illegal drugs, prostitution, and firearms. Because
illicit commerce requires the gangsta to work outside of the law, a law which
the resisitance movement often does not recognize as legitimate because it
was imposed on them by an outside conquering force, different norms have evolved that regulate transactions and behavior between "gangstas". Among those norms are the "pass" and the requirement that one "keep it real".

As the gangsta subculture was incorporated into American Pop Culture, and inevitably purchased and reformulated for mass consumption by corporate interests, certain principles were exaggerated in order to sell the danger and excitement of the gangsta lifestyle without giving the public any reference to understand gangstaism as a holistic set of principles. Of course those who have been the poster-boys for mass media consumption of gangsta life or "thug life", often find themselves the target of those who are "true to the game" for "selling out", a phenomenon characterized by the term "player-hater" or "haterism". A sentiment personified phrase "don't hate the player, hate the
game", an astute observation on the morally relative position of those who
have profited from their assimilation into the popular culture which is the
larger game that most gangstas revile, but those who are "true pimps" are
currently forcing to "turn tricks" in a manner of speaking.

There is a conflict between those who consider themselves "true to the
game" or "true" and those who are "big pimpin" or the "pimps". Each has its own interpretation of the gangsta principles - one that holds the values and foundational principles as absolute and controlling, and those who take a
moral relativist approach and seek a favorable outcome on behalf of "gangstas" with little regard for the gangsta process. The not so invisible hand of market forces that exploit the gangsta in a quest to pimp the American
consumer is an aberration to those who are true, but a natural consequence
and in some ways a vehicle for gangstas to "pimp" the system.
"Gangsta, gangsta, it's not about a salary it's all about reality."

--N.W.A. "Gangsta, gangsta"
by El Nacote December 06, 2004
Perhaps the most successful personal image marketed to this day. Millions upon millions of brainless youths have spent billions upon billions in order to look and pretend to be part of the 'Gangsta' crew. Everything from music to fashion has been collecting dump trucks full of cash off silly kids who are desperate to be something they are not. The standard uniform for a typical 'gangsta' includes: one silly looking giant baseball cap, worn any way except facing forward. They're really rebellious you see. One giant basketball jersey that you may at first mistaken for a dress. One pair of jeans that are normally tailored for clowns. These loose-fitting jeans are not accompanied with a belt. And, one pair of sneakers.

It is not enough for you to run out and buy their uniform, however, you must also purchase subs for your car and the appropriate sounding music to fit your new image. (More money) Your car should also be 'pimped out' ideally. (More money)

All of this money is dumped into APPEARING to be a real gangsta, of which maybe a few hundred thousand really exist, and in a few American urban centers only. A great majority of these 'gangstas' live in middle to upperclass suburbanite homes and have no idea what the real life of the people they are trying to emulate is truly like.
Is there some reason why those gangstas can't roll up their windows when playing their shitty music?
by TheToddfather June 05, 2006
Used to be either a italian mafia memember, irish mob member, or russian rob memeber. They used to have families that owned sperate sections of cities. They did not go around killing people for fun, and families would almost never get into fights. If there were ever a fight though, small warfare would literally fought in the streets until a peace treaty was made(which usually both sides would come to their senses soon). They had good reasons, and helped out their fellow nations people. They made money by running rackets, making people pay protection money, etc. They did this too help their people and help their families have a better lives. Now they have more secretive ways of doin buisness and mafia and mob members are rarely cought anymore.

Now the newer term for gangsta is : a lower class person who lives in or near a housing project in the "ghetto". They are mostly black and listen to rap and hip-hop and shit like that. They go around killing people for no reason or over drugs. They have totally fucked up what the mafia and mobs origionally did. They have horrible marksmenship. They preform drivebys on rival gangs and end up killing like 4 kids, 8 senoir citizens, 5 pregnant women and only 1 rival gang member.
The old gangstas had reasons for what they did.

The new gangstas are toally fucked up and kill people for no good reason. If they were to ever get into with either the Italians, Russians or Irish, they would all totally get owned and would die horrible deaths.
by Peter Townsend August 20, 2006
Pussies, plain and simple.

Can't fight by themselves, and carry guns thinking they're hot shit.

Fuck em' all.
Gangstas are pussies.
by fuckitall June 04, 2006
Someone who thinks being a "gangsta" is cool, but is really a pathetic loser who should be fed through a chipper into a compost heap for selling crack to little children and robbing old ladies etc..
Not to be confused with "gangster", which comes from the Mafia who have at least a small amount of honour.
Mike thinks he is a gangsta, but we all know he likes to be sodomised by his father.

Eminem thinks he is cool, but a chipper awaits him.

We don't have a chipper big enough for all the gangsta rappers in the USA - Somebody get us a mechanical engineer to design us one!!
by Kaninchenfeuer March 14, 2007

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