A life of Pain and Fear followed by a hardened soul. It is not forced on you but made as a young kid in a ghetto who sees all the things your brothers and older friends who you look up to and see that they are gangstas. And once you enter a gang there is no getting out. In addition to watching your best friends die for stupid and pointless reasons, you can never rise above what you have gotten into. A GANG. That is a true gangsta someone who is IN A GANG. Then Through all of this it is glorified to the point where those who recognize the stupidity of its glorification then ridicule the young impressionable kids who joined the gang as illiterate and stupid. For people whove never been in a real ghetto, whove never had to take care of their younger sister when their mom would be gone from the house for weeks, for people who had nothing growing up and were looked down upon by people( for example the people on this site who dont know what they are talking about) its a way to be someone, to live, and survive as a gangsta. But by succumbing to this we kill each other, and keep ourselves from every rising above the status quo. The world would be better if we didnt have to be gangsta's. And to All those kids out in the suburbs pretending, do whatever you want its your choice as long as you do not cause harm to anyone or yourself, you are living in a false reality driven by stories of a life more exciting then your daily routine in your safe boring neighborhood. But as long as you glorify it you are proving yourself to be dissillusioned and have never seen anything besides what is on tv, and music.
J Kwon: I been banging since fifth grade cause my older cuz made so much money, bangin and sellin crack and shit. it didnt take long for my soul to become hard. I hate this life, if i could leave i'd leave and move somewhere where its not like a fuckin war. everyday its like iraq. bam. bam. bam. niggas die, its not fair we do we do this to eachother, little kids been shot, kids 8 years old strapped. kids 9 years old selling crack. kids 10 years old banging. We makin hell worse for eachother, funerals everyday, always ready to die. kids seeing shit nobody should see. then on top of all the pain, all the suffering, once we become successful we use this to exploit eachother, and glorify our pain

The Cynical Uncaring Representation of Society: Thats Gangsta
by The Antidote For Our Poison March 11, 2006
This is the 'cool' inner-city pronunciation of gangster and indicates a wannabe attitude, i.e. trying to look tough when you're not.
Them gangstas think they all phat and shit, cuz they got the bling-bling, but they stole all their shit from their mama's boy friend, who, by the way, REALLY is a gangster.
by daddio March 21, 2003
Gangster/Gangsta A Gangster is a member of a professional crime organisation, such as a gang or a mafia group. Usually, members of the mafia or similar organization are referred to as mobsters while individual high-scale criminals who participate in mob-like activity or members of a small criminal enterprise are referred to as gangsters. There can be overlap, however, such as in the case of Dutch Schultz, who ran his own independent gang yet also worked as part of a coalition of Jewish mobsters aligned with the Italian mafia. Anyone who believes gangsters are always black couldn't be more wrong black people had nothing to do with gangsterism untill gangster rap, for instance famous gangsters (The Kray Twins, John Gotti and Don Vito Cascio Ferro)

Gangstas are usually white but can be black.
by Gravey1 November 26, 2005
Another word for poop.
Hey, hold on a minute i gotta go drop a gangsta.
by Easy-G January 02, 2005
Not necessarily a neanderthall but someone who does what they HAVE to do, because of loyalty, beliefs, etc. Gangstas do not pertain to one race because it is more of a cultural concept. And you don't have to be dumb to be a gangsta, but you have to be brave, smart (if you want to survive as one) and bold.
Little ass Tom fought that big dude cuz he was comin at his sister. He lost, but he's still a gangsta for standin up to him.
by the.all.knowing 567 November 19, 2011
A "gangsta" A.K.A. a "G" is one who had to commit illegal and or offensive acts for the sake of surviving, despite if he or she wanted to do it. If one does such an act(s) and has other options, then he/she is not a gangsta.

Although the term is often glorified in Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop music and culture, a real gangsta will tell you it's not a life you should WANT. Most people who never lived or know the life are often misled to the term being a good thing.
He lost his job and was forced to sell crack, just to put food on the table for his family this week. That's gangsta.
by Dev87 December 12, 2010
a black (or white) person who thinks they are better then other people, which is strange since they live in boxes or worse. the attire of a gangsta is tims, and whatever shitty crap they can get their hands on
that gangsta just stole my bike i need a ride to the pawn shop
by blackretard June 12, 2004
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