A gangsta is a person who lives their life to the lowest extent and with the lowest effort possible. Instead of conforming to the 'trade', by working for money, and spending that money, they decide to become leeches, and steal money and goods. Gangstas also partake in the illegal drug trade in an attempt to survive.

The very society that gangstas hate and despise, are actually their providers. If there is nothing to leech off of, they will quickly die out, primarily by killing each other.

Gangstas believe they are tough because they are violent, and can sometimes take a beating. But little do they realize, that the tough people in society are the ones who understand what needs to be done. Society wasn't built by half-wit hot heads.
Signs of gangstas.
1: Loves Rap music
2: Is violent, and extremely short-tempered
3: Has horrible marksmanship
4: Wears baggy clothing, usually exposing their underwear.
5: Very ignorant
6: Usually lives in a bad neighborhood.
7: Speaks Ebonics's fluently.
8: Loves to talk about crime, sex, drugs and alcohol.
9: Uses the word "nigga" in atleast 2 out of 3 sentences,
10: Is obsessed with using the question"You know what I'm sayin'?" at the end of every sentence.
11: Probably has 5 or more children with atleast 3 different mothers, all which he refuses to pay child support for.
by YourReallyReallName September 08, 2009
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1) One who submits to a disorganized crime syndicate. Usually uneducated, poor marksmanship, poor grammar, and poor quality of life.


2) A stupid youth who believes he is in an organized mafia syndicate, who speaks in slang, wears baggy, foolish looking clothing, and demotes his or herself to below the level of George W Bush.

3) A slang word for Gangster. Which is an organized crime syndicate member. The word is now vaguely used for it's original term, and refers to Definition #2.

FYI: A gangsta is usually a youth of great stupidity, who thinks highly of his or herself, due to the fact that they listen to (c)rap music, wear baggy clothes, or demote women. Usually seen pretending to be cool, and act tough whenever their social identity is threatened. They have no sense of individuality, and actually believe they are in a mafia. Where as a real Mafia, Cartel, or Organized Crime Syndicate will fuck them up so bad, they will not live to tell a tale about it.

Get it in your heads you stupid kids, you are not the Mafia.

Other Definitions include:

Wangsta: An idiotic Caucasian person who attempts to act "gangsta", and a stereotypical African American Male.

Long live Rock and Roll...
Gangstas are stupid.
The stupid American Teenager tried to act gangsta, but the real Mafia killed him.
by Joe Mcbob October 25, 2007
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1) the black guy who gets in a fight and then ends up shooting a white dude.
2) the guy whos in a gang is referred as a gangster.
3) the culture in which everyone is dumb as shit, carry around guns they cant aim with, and where their pants down to their knees.
4) the thugs of the world
1) Anchor: Tonight in KC/MO several shots were fired in a gang fight. one man was killed.
Audience: That guy is soo gangsta/

2) Yo gangsta we hit the club tonight.

3) Oh man look at that gansta. He is snazzed up in those jeans.

4) Damn gangstas, robbin our convinient store again.
by rednblue13 June 15, 2008
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An idiotic poser who obviously has no life and had resorted to drugs to. Bitch slapin, drug dealing, and car pimpin are their favorite pass times.
That motta fuckin gangsta Timmy, just sold me some pot and them slapped my bitch. I outha bust a cap in his ass.
by Sally Sesaw February 05, 2007
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Synonym for idiot, low life and angst out. Most are ussually poser's who live in the city. They try to proove themself tough by randomly cursing at a kid half their size in the train station. I was once one of these people, getting into fight after fight after fight to proove myself tough to people who dont give a crap about me and put myself at risk to get jumped several times. basicly a street conformas. Its best to ignore them since most will die or end up in jail by the end of the year.
1)Most Gangstas can't spell the word Synonym.

2) I grow weary of these dumb teens who feel their gangsta because they can write their name in grafitti. I would leave the city but i put $1000 on my Metro card.
by Rattlesnake316 July 26, 2005
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a gangsta is a faggot who thinks the only way to have a life is to do drugs and keep saying he shot people who he is actually scared of,they adress each other in informal slang that makes them all look uneducated (99% of all gangsta's are uneducated and think its cool to drop out of school).they think there are cool but they are stupid faggots dont be a gangsta. they were fake gold (they call it "bling")claiming it cost alot even though they dont have jobs and probably stole it off chav who is bassically the same thing but is british.
by broad_man January 31, 2006
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A dumb FUCK! cant speak right, dresses like a clown, and fights only when he/she has back up. Also look up coward, Bitch, Pussy, shithead.......
Dang yo, dat gangsta gonna get gang banged.
by Overseer April 14, 2005
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