when a bunch of black people get together and get wasted. with a bunch of chicks doing nothing but exposing their body, and the men just bop up and down looking cool which doesnt all make sence.
you might see 2pac, snoop, dre at a "gangsta party"
that chick was shakin her ass @ the "gangsta party"
by boriss March 03, 2004
Top Definition
A party with a bunch of gangstas, lots of 40s, guns, and naked horny lesbians putting on a show
when the fuck is the nect CNM gangsta party?
by Big Robert May 11, 2005
A party with black people, strippers, guns, 40's and rap music.
I invited snoop dogg, the game, biggie smalls, and 2pac to my gangsta party next friday.
by gbrd December 17, 2007
Sexual intercourse involving one female and many males. Also known as a train, track meet, or a fiasco. Derives from the term Gang Bang.
"Damn i heard she was a runner, they threw a gangsta party on that pussy the other night!"
by huSTLa June 05, 2006
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