an old slang for marijuana.
got any gangst?
if your coming over tonight make sure you bring some gangst.
by mcgufferson January 07, 2008
The quality exhibited by gangsters and the gangster culture. If hardcore gangsters would approve of something then that thing has gangst.
Man, that shirt is wack. Where's the gangst?

You just lost all your gangst with that shit there, nigga.

Take a gangst supplement, bitch.

You can tell from the motherfucker's walk that he got gangst.
by Aesophist October 13, 2007
Gangst, the Gmagster version of Angst. Angst is the feeling of anxiety, apprehesion and depression. Of course, when it's a Gangsta', they are so much more hardcore. Gangst, the more hardcore version of angst.
"Yo, brother. Word up to ya dog. Howya didin' it shizzmiestah?"
"Yo, bro. Not to the fo-shizzal. I'm totally Gangst today, 'cuz my bro got shot."
by x__Brittney August 22, 2005
To punch another person in the back of the head as you run past them.
"Carl Johnson allegedly Gangsted a female citizen Friday as he fled from the Los Santos police department, apparently to get her out of his way on the sidewalk. She was airlifted to San Fierro hospital and remains in intensive care, despite being reported as stable on Saturday.
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