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a gang of girls. A tight knit group of girls who roll together. Their dominant female presence is apparent to passersby and nonmembers.

Prerequisites for membership in a gangette:
1) members must be of the female gender or identify with the female gender
2) members must have no reservations about dancing in public
3) members must be able and ready to perform the Blue Steel look from Zoolander at all times
Nonmember: Hey, wanna take a hip-hop class with me tonight?
Gangette Member: uhhh NO. But you can learn from me and my gangette at the club tonight.

Guy-asking-girl-on-a-date: Wanna go on a date tonight?
Gangette Member: Thanks, but rolling with my gangette tonight.
Guy-who-asked-girl-on-a-date: Oh ok. Can I hang with you guys?
Gangette Member: HELL no.
by Triple A Vodka February 02, 2010
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