a girl so attractive you want to gangbang her
"she's so hot,such a ganga, I want to gangbang her"
by billy.21 March 16, 2009
(proper noun)
Synonymous with "Goddess Within"
She's nice, but she's no Ganga.
by shady guju August 02, 2005
a schlong tallywhacker or penis which is owned by a black male.
slut 1: shaq must have the largest ganga on the planet
slut 2: yea, its probably like strattling a dog, a big black hairy dog
by bronsted-lowry January 20, 2005
Definition: A Hot Slut

This Word originated in the year 2003 and ever since has been used throughout many young mens lives...

It was first invented by a group of wogs (Italian Wogs that is)...F.B. and CO..... And it will remain A WOG TERM!!!

"Oh Shit, Look at those "Gangas"

"Just Checking If there were any Gangas around here!" - F.B.

"FUCK she was a Ganga!!"

by Vincenzo Cortino October 01, 2004

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