Defined in two ways.
1.That a persons' privacy is being invaded my various unknown persons with a common agenda to hurt or discredit them. And the results are only understood by the person being harassed.
2. Paranoia envelopes every waking moment of a persons consciousness. The mailman, the clerk at the grocery store, a man walking his dog down the street, are in unison to invade and destroy this persons life.

Both are adequate to describe the possibility of gang stalking reality. For every positive there exists a negative. Not every apparent crazy person truly is. The question at hand is the the percentage.
by OhOle October 10, 2008
See term "money-shark". People who are gang stalking participate because they are criminally insane for money and power, or too morally weak so they are vulnerable to coercion, or in the case of doctors who advocate and allow this torture do it for human experimentation for the purpose mind engineering,i.e. mindcontrol. MK-Ultra was a notorious documented CIA mind control experiments that destroyed the lives of targeted individuals . Today, the perpetrators not only have a network to orchestrate stalking, but also reportedly the poisoning of food, property break-ins and destruction, vehicular maiming and killing, but have been given access to direct energy weapons that destroy mental and physical health. The direct energy is also used to attempt silent hypnosis,brain washing, sleep deprivation, dream insertion, dream interrogation to subconscious, etc.. Portion of the government and law enforcement involved in these "secret operations." Often, the federal, state, and local government use plausible deniability to say such government approved activity doesn't exist. The government and the perpetrators promote that the targeted individual, TI, is suffering from psychosis like schizophrenia or delusions. In one word......."EVIL" , describes the willing partcipants. Really.....have to be sick and twisted to willingly participate. Very Satantic.
Gang Stalking is an illegal government approved crime where a person's life and health is constantly torn down and threatened to make the targeted individual be more vulnerable towards attempted brainwashing. If government can learn to control a person's brain, then they can win any war. Governments lie about this to cover-up their evil deeds that give them knowledge and power. Who can help the victims prove this crime and stop the crimes?
by Slicksbro November 12, 2009
The network is satanic. It's a group, pyramid system, with many varying layers of wealth - and poverty, on the lower rungs - including police, the intelligence agencies (ALL OF THEM), doctors, executives, actresses, waitresses, you name it - even the guy running the gas station. It's large and controls all aspects of our world. What is known as gang stalking is really just what is honestly known as "aggressive surveillance" by network members. The way to deal with gang stalking is to bless your enemies, with all the love, kindness, and empathy you can command. For those on the dark side, these higher frequencies are like hot coals on their head...
The explanations she was giving me in her attempts to explain away my claims of gang stalking were so far-fetched that she seemed to have lost touch with reason. I suspected fear was the culprit and I empathized with her. Nobody wish that to be true, especially if it touches a loved one...
by bluewords_ July 07, 2009
Gang Stalking is organized harassment, usually by a fairly large number of persons, done in a secretive or clandestine way, targeting people
deemed to be unacceptable. Usually it is done in a way intended to "fly beneath the radar" of legitimate law-enforcement.

Reasons for this harassment include suspicion of deviant sexuality, unpopular or uncommon
religious practices, racism or ethnic hatred, or mental illness.

There are known origins in community activism opposed to "scattered site housing" of mentally-disabled persons on public relief or welfare, pre-release or post-release housing for convicts and parolees, etc.

Let's start gang stalking this guy Joe, I heard he's weird and I want to find out for sure and get rid of him if he really is weird.
by impecunious919 December 29, 2008
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by the killer of gang stalkers March 13, 2009
Gang stalking is something that people who may have paranoid schizophrenia believe in. Any research into the phenomenon reveals that there is no credible evidence that it actually exists, and it appears that the people who think they are victims are actually misinterpreting the actions of other people who are simply going about their day. The fact that gang-stalking victim advocates want the victims to wear tri-cornered hats (like the colonial Americans used to wear)as a show of solidarity should be proof that these people are not entirely sane.
That crazy lady claimed I was gang stalking her because I walked in front of her house to get to my car.
by J.D.S. March 11, 2006
The paranoid fantasy of a few canadian semi literate fascists
and extremist christians who would stop at nothing to create the impression that they are being followed and harrassed bu they arent its some silly little boys and girls in a kind of fantasy game
several people have exposed this viscious little group as being the work of mainly 3 persons now known to be under medical supervision but not taking their medicine

Man did you see what these anti gangstalkers are saying
man this whole gang stalking thing is absolute s!%+
by gerry duffett December 19, 2006

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