Gangstalking appears to be a Government Program/experiment of "in the field" testing of less-lethal chemical, electronic and biological weapons, along with complimentary psychological operations that are imposed on victims and targeted communities in the United States and other countries within the control of certain agencies.

The excuse for these assaults/attacks appears to be fighting terrorism.

Assaulting innocent people without due process is against the laws of the United States, although the Patriot Act has subverted our rights as US citizens, but I believe that these amended Patriot Act provisions would not stand a legal challenge under lawful conditions.
I became a gangstalking victim as a potential (not actual or ever would be) witness against a narcotics trafficker, sex offender and possible murder, an organised crime person (by their own claims) and made person (by their associates claims) for the largest and richest organised crime group in the US and elsewhere.

They could also be a snitch against their own associates/people for some three letter agency, which would explain the government angle to these organised assaults against me.

This person "lost it" and launched these attacks/lies out of fear of being outed by me for their crimes and questionable discretions.

They feared my credibility, which a private investigator confirmed.

The main goal of "Gangstalking" is to discredit the victim and/or to cause the ruination or end of their life, possibly including their death and/or the deaths of others.

The bigger the incident (makes the news, although not reported accurately), the more successful the Gangstalking operation is.

We all need to come together and stop these directed organised assaults against innocent Americans and all others.
by Observer4us December 01, 2011
An effect of current international police-states, where innocent individuals are abused by police and other military organizations. Essentially, these organizations create an imagined enemy out of ordinary innocent people so that espionage and authoritarian police tactics may be practiced by those belonging to these organizations. They are legitimated as "community policing," and individually, as whatever is convincing. For example, a Christian will be told that a person being harassed is anti-Christian, those seeing police as favorable will be told a person is a subversive or criminal, etc. so that it becomes justifiable that a person is harassed and abused by these organizations. Those taking part in these activities have been brain-washed from a young age to believe that if people do not practice these techniques, society will plunge into a dreadful anarchy. Their proof usually consists of people working for these organizations committing crimes to justify pervasive "policing." In reality, real crime is never stopped nor blatant. In fact, most members who commit crimes are at some point recruited into these policing groups covertly, even while still committing crimes.

The goal is simply to have society function as a military base. Those who are not involved in these groups are easily able to see the dangers and tragedy of such a society, whereas those involved, like the Nazis who took part in war-crimes, are not.
Current life of gang-stalking in North America.
by Justaguywithamindnotarmies July 15, 2012
A slang term for counterinsurgency, before was counterintelligence (see COINTELPRO)... In the 70's, the FBI was responsible and called it 'intelligence activities'. Today, it involves the intelligence community, law enforcement, emergency responders, lead institutions in charge of critical infrastructure protection, private businesses, state and local resources, nonprofits and volunteer citizens. When done under lawful authority is not stalking, harassment or mobbing. A target is typically a person put on a list and monitored in their community and the community takes a number of offensive and defensive measures to keep the community safe (physical assets as well as way of life politically, socially and economically). It involves electronic monitoring, deception, electronic deception , electronic warfare, surveillance, etc. It scales to a nationwide system of command and control, communications, surveillance, monitoring and network centric

electronic attack designed to handle real-time incidents as they unfold.
Fred was having a problem with gang stalking at work. He reported several incidents to his supervisor.
by Twin77777 July 23, 2015
gangstalking is either paranoia or an attempt to make a sane person appear crazy. For instance how do they know that people are telling their boss to fire them or that people are spreading rumours about them when they don't actually hear the rumours from other people but only inside their head. There does seem to be a pattern to what is said and alot of the terminology is the same throughout all the descriptions. I am guessing that some device has been created that allows for audible and visual hallucinations to occur. That or you are really crazy like I am. heh
gangstalking includes rumours but for victims of gangstalkers they never hear the rumours and if you ask the person you think is spreading the rumours they alway say they have no idea what you are talking about even if you heard them specifically say it. I am guessing they are either natural or artifically induced hallucinations.
by MNBrant April 20, 2011
A bunch of bullshit. Voice to skull technology+frequencies received by the ears that depress you and make you anxious+body manipulation+the worst performance you'll ever see. A nonsensical retard fest. It's not anyone in your community. It's not anyone you know. It's the government. It's MK-Ultra Part 2. Ignore them and mock them, and they'll eventually fuck off.
The word gang stalking is misleading
by theantichrist June 28, 2010
A 60's feminist revenge plot against internet russian gang bang films and the men who love them, designed by Gloria Steinem.

Gang Stalking is gangbanging for white chicks....there is a lot of talking, bringing up the past, and no penetration is involved. Women and their kids follow you around with cell phones threatening harm, while most can barely spell.

An older, United States, white woman's desire to reclaim power when hip hop is in, Courtney Love is out, and most young, white women only want to serve men like Russel Simmons in an old fashioned pimp/whore scenario on TV. A liberal, white woman acting like Jerry Faldwell in the face of change.
gangstalking (for old white women with face lifts)
Charlee Sheen
Vera Katz
Courtney Love
The Kardashians
Camille Paglia
Gloria Steinem
Angry Lesbians
Lon Mabon
by quintincrisp July 03, 2011
anything illegal under michigan public law 256-2003 anti electronic harassment law. also "voice to skull?" that tells you an unlisted phone number which you call on a payphone that turns out to be a corrupt official, tells you who has herpes, (i love when they get in fights with eachother and rat eachother out!)and what meds thay take-ritalin causing a substance induced mania and spd, sadistic personality disorder-deriving glee from these activities.
they're gang stalking.they gang stalked me and cut me off in traffic.
by boogerpizza January 07, 2011
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