A group of at least 3 people that do petty crimes, and murders. Real gangs ain't doing shit for being cool, but get disrespected by people who aren't anywhere near the gangs and know they won't come to cap their asses. There's talked about real gangs like you should talk about that fake ass cliques.

Gangs mostly don't start for the money or the 'coolness' but to protect the people in their neigbourhood and sometimes to make money they can't get in other ways because they won't get jobs.

If you disrespect gangsters, gangsigns or other things involved with gangs you're a stupid ass motherfucker cause of the fact that gangs are started by the fact that black and even little colored people like spanish and italian people got discriminated and even with an education mostly couldn't find a job they got live from and had to go in gangs.
People say the kkk are dumbass and also that gangs are stupid, but gangs began with the fact that people followed the kkk without knowing, like they had their head in their ass.
by 187Crip July 18, 2006
True gangs consist of people who stick together for a living. Not to claim this and that to be so called "cool". Some gangs are completely useless because the gang members are useless. True gangs lay there life for others in the gang. Some yyoungsters claim clicks that they are not from.
"Damn that lame ass wannabe youngsta crew got their ass beat by them OG's"
by HeaDLesS June 18, 2004
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