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A large quantity of something.
I picked a gang of mushrooms over in that there cow pasture.
by Holoman May 07, 2003
A bunch of retarded faggots.Beaners and niggers mostly.The scum of the earth.I hate these fuckers more than arab terrorists anyday.America should be rollin tanks into Mexico and takin them out , if anybody.We should also consider nuking Europe's faggy asses.
Gangs are for queers like the KKK.There's a fine example of a precious little faggot gang.Kill yourself gang member.It's the only way to save your soul.
by fuck all of you January 11, 2006
A protective social circle that creates a community in neighborhoods whose "normal" community-forming institutions have failed. Often found in inner cities and low-income areas, where schools are underfunded, parents cannot afford to pay for adequate childcare and must work long hours to make a living, and other youth organizations (sports teams, etc.) are lacking.

A scapegoat for a city's problems. Government's excuse to glorify police and avoid confronting the real "problem" in the inner city: underfunded schools and the criminalization of people of color.
The LAPD instituted a new "war on gangs" and increased police patrolling in the Hispanic areas of East Los Angeles.
by Not Just a Girl May 09, 2005
A gang is a group of people, you can use it in all kinds of sentences. For example in Scooby-Doo the movie, They say " Come on lets get going gang! " Or it could mean a group of bad people that are involved with shootings, gang wars, etc.
"Lets move it gang."
" Come on gang. "
" Gang, your the best. "
" Lets head out gang. "

" That gang shot my car. "
by Wolfgang R. Baur March 22, 2005
Gang...bunch of crazy homies that dont give a fuck...being down for their shit is what is all about...fuck the law...fuck the system...fuck the society...fuck the world...thats what they say every single fucking day...people dont like them....well fuck them...most of the people get their shit wrong about what a real gang is...when ur in a gang...u fucking ride for ur shit...whether people like it or not...living the crazy life not giving a fuck of anyone You live and die for your gang....Gang crazy people...that get together to protect what they believe...what they feel its theirs...it might involved crime, violence, killing, ect. Just get one shit straight....A Gang are down for their shit
where your from ese....Cyclones 13 Gang
by surside rider June 07, 2007
organized crime. ppl join a gang thru an anniciation. some stupid assez say u got kill sombody to get in a gang but that aint tru man.

sell drugs, violence, sex. gangs jump or kil membrs of othr gangs.

crips an bloodz b som of th longst lastin fueds btwn gangs. both originatd in Los angles. they som of the most violent gangs ppl say. i dont no tho much bout that them tho. look em up bitch
bitch them crips gon fuck up! u shoulda joind they gang nstead
by Chantelle james June 10, 2007
A group of at least 3 people that do petty crimes, and murders. Real gangs ain't doing shit for being cool, but get disrespected by people who aren't anywhere near the gangs and know they won't come to cap their asses. There's talked about real gangs like you should talk about that fake ass cliques.

Gangs mostly don't start for the money or the 'coolness' but to protect the people in their neigbourhood and sometimes to make money they can't get in other ways because they won't get jobs.

If you disrespect gangsters, gangsigns or other things involved with gangs you're a stupid ass motherfucker cause of the fact that gangs are started by the fact that black and even little colored people like spanish and italian people got discriminated and even with an education mostly couldn't find a job they got live from and had to go in gangs.
People say the kkk are dumbass and also that gangs are stupid, but gangs began with the fact that people followed the kkk without knowing, like they had their head in their ass.
by 187Crip July 18, 2006