A group of young citizens, usually poor minority males, who group together for protection, a way to make money, and sometimes to fight other gangs. Usually gangs consist of drug dealers, pimps, thugs, etc. Usually gangs wear similar colors or a bandanna, rolled up a pant leg etc. to recognize others in their gang. rich white/ black try to dress like gang members/rappers that where gang members by wearing loose clothing, big sweaters, nike shoes, bandannas on their heads or in their back pockets, and big chains with pendants.
crips, bloods, and itialian mobs are gangs
by local hustler November 08, 2007
gangs are a group of people who get togather and hang out but just they use violence
a cuple well known gangs:Ms-13, vice Lords ,cobras, homeboyz,gd,and my favorite KINGS(LKN)
by Andrea (A.K.A)Drea January 25, 2006
A group of Nazi-like racist ethnic minority homosexuals who need to fuckin die.
Gangs are for faggots and pussies.
by shoot to kill January 10, 2006
total butt fagz _ _
o_) die you faggots _x
by die faggots August 03, 2004
A large amount of something.
A whole gang of niggas just showed up at the court.

I got a gang of songs on this ipod.

A: "How many people are at the party?"
B: "A whole gang of heads!"
by Luke Knudson October 09, 2006

fuckin retards... ..
by Judge Dredd August 18, 2004
A group of close people that run in a pack. Usually once your in a gang and past the initiation, you'll only escape the gang thru death. Gangs represent themselves with certain colors, hand signs, symbols, and clothing. Commit violent acts against betrayers and members of rival gangs. ex: Drive-by shootings (even if its a rival's momma's house), fighting, knife-fights, shoot-outs, etc. Also can be vandilists to homes, public places, etc. leaving their gang symbol to "represent" or as a calling-card to a rival.
Crips and tha bloods. 2 of the most violent and feared gangs in America. #1 city they reside in: Los Angeles.
by Heatha September 16, 2003
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