a group of people normally age 8-35 who are affiliated through symbols slangs and a pledge that fight to gain status through violence, corruption, and drug sales.
BGD - blacc, silver, white 6 point

crip - blu 6 point

Latin King and BGD gangs are supreme
by J-steel April 20, 2006
Multiple people regrouping to do a lot of things togheter. Most likely to be criminal but they usually stay togheter and chill.
All these gangs in the streets.
by Young_Thug March 21, 2015
The equivalent of a frat, except for non-college African Americans.
Why go to college and shell over a brand new Mercedes to feel accepted when you can go to a local ghetto near you and join a gang for free?
by Super-man March 10, 2010
a group of offies
Tony: Yo, Miguel's in a gang now

Joe: Why! Who'd want to be in a gang-- only offies joins gang!

Tony: Yeah, I told homes he should just join a sports team or something. Gangs suck!
by Migerev August 28, 2008
A group of individuals who band together and form these clicks, called "gangs". Cal themeselves "gangstas" Not to be confused with organized crime, like the mafia who are "gangsters".

Some well known gangs are Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, Hell's Angels, etc...

Despite what you will read and hear from suburban people, who say gangstas are total losers without any hope aka "ghetto trash", I have yet to see any of them go to a gang infested area and say that to an actual 'gangsta'.

Because those so called "losers" will not hesitate to kill you if they deem it necessary.
Gangsta: Yo yo yo yo, it's da east side rip ride, BK all day bitch

Gangster(mafia): Say hello to my little friend!!!


Suburban white kid: ugh, such ghetto trash, I must go and shop at A&F now, those new shirts are absolutely divine...

Gang member: what the FUCK, *bam*
by trapstarcartel April 15, 2009
I learnt this the other day from a friend in New Zealand, and the word 'gangs' is literally their word for 'cool'.
that is so gangs
by cawa123 June 05, 2011
a bunch of people who group together to be a family.
something most likely truer than what they have at home.
basically to always have each others backs.
theft, graffiti, fights, its the joy of being young in a small and ghetto town.
boy; ey homie, i might be in some deep shit, you got mi back right?
guy; yeah nigga u noe i gotcha back, we in the gang togetha, we a family.
by jokerclanlove March 09, 2009
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