Any form of organized crime, ranging from Afro-American world-reknown Bloods and Crips, to the exceptionally dangerous Hispanic organization MS-13, to the exceptionally wealthy Cosa Nostra (or Italian Mafia, if you please) to the Yakuza and Chinese Triads, very cruel Asian street gangs, to, finally, the insane (trust me, I know) Russian Mafiya, known for killing people for no reason whatsoever.
1. Bloods + Crips = Gang war
2. (MS-13 dialogue) "Hey gringo, let's go get us some chiquitas and get them in my ride"
3.Mafia; see godfather
4.Yakuzas do cut off your finger if you mess with them
5. Triads do this also
6. JESUS CHRIST! RUN! RUN! They've got a tank!
by Iam12 November 17, 2007
slang term for a woman's vagina.
"Your grandmothermother and I are gangbusters in the bedroom." -Grandpa

"My gang is sore."

"Guster puts out some sweet Gang Pop."

by Roger Danish January 16, 2007
First You don't join a gang ... you just get in if you do shits like sellin shitz and beatin ppl up their legz for big ass gangsta who think white ppl can't get in gang you better know that where all the streets money goes is in a freakin rich white boy ... so get off and learn your gang history fellow gangster Crips or bloods Ms-13 or 18st that all from L.A started in the mind of a crazy niggas that didnt wanted to be alone versus a little bunch of other crazy niggas and Hired them to go fight whit him resulted in the death of the bunch gang they were mad at the others so they get some friends and this is how its started ....
Blue:Fuck you niggas remove that red bandana
red:I wont remove it niggas start to run
Blue:ok then i'll fuck you'r legz up and pee on your red bandana
''Blue pull out his pistol and start to shot into Red ass legz then pee on the red Band'' that's what's a gang beef
by Blessed_G February 17, 2009
three or more black people cooperating at once for crime or charity, according to media.
a gang of youths today, is suspected in the theft of at least 12 pigs feet from a local grocer. they have yet been unidentified.

a woman was burning to death in her car, when a group of nearby gang members pulled her from the blaze.
by viciousk February 15, 2008
im a believer in being good so if you dont like it stop reading now. however, gangs are terrorist fronts. latin kings are among the worst. there once was an instance where a latin king girl tried something on me and i read into it so easily she had to be so dumb. latin kings are going down.
gangs like the latin kings, bloods and crips are all terrorist fronts. ms13 are do badders.
by drewwwww August 21, 2006
slang for cool.

(positive meaning)
The origins of the word are supposidly from New Zealand
Used in a term like "thats gangs" or just simply "gangs"
by minty biscuits May 13, 2009
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