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a hoodlum, who gang bangs and who is in a gang and has shot more than 1 gang banger
ya foo look at the black gang banger, aka DANE
by Dane March 29, 2005
77 236
a person belonging to a gang. usually not able to "man up" and stand on his own, therefore has to rely on others for support. sometimes referred to as a pussy.
that gangbanger isn't shit on his own. he's got to have his buddies with him to keep from being another pussy.
by pro-nun-see-ation November 17, 2003
1303 478
Someone who is a gang member
"Yo this guy is a gangbanger."
by Joel White July 19, 2005
587 184
The idiots thats go around tagging up buildings, sell/smoke drugs, drink, hang around your building and harass you as you walk by, they also act like wannabe badasses who think they are the shit and they steal and shoot and in some instances kill innocent people. These morons also make their ethnicities look bad and thanks to them minorities are stereotyped as criminals, those bastards need to get off the damn street cause no one gives a crap about them and get some jobs and also they need some belts and proper fitting pants.
"hey have any money""no""no""how about I bust out my gun?""screw you you damnass gangbanger"
by ark9 May 05, 2010
529 170
1)A person who is either a member or heavily affiliated with a local gang.
I ain't cruisin' till tomorrow nigga, mad gangbangers out tonite.
by g4mm4 December 27, 2002
696 350
Member of a gang or crew.
Can be someone who isn't a member but is still allowed to "roll" with tha crew.
"Let's cross tha street, that guy looks like a gangbanger." - said to girlfriend when taking her to a romantic dinner.
"Let's cross tha street, that guy look like a gangbanger, we should fuck him up." - Said to mate when gangbanger is seen alone or with less than 5 member's.
by Diego July 04, 2003
381 237
A lowlife looser that has joined or is willing to join a street gang. These people tend to group up and try to control a certain area. In many ways they are very much like cockroaches, for example both come out mostly at night and when the temperature is warm, they both eat scraps, they are both good runners and good climbers and both deserve to be squashed. Gang bangers often kill innocent people with little or no remorse, and unfortunately cops can be too lazy, corrupt, or indifferent to do anything about it. Gangbangers are all criminals, they destroy private property, they steal all the time, they sell drugs, they do drugs, and they do any crime they possibly can. Luckily the lifespan of a gangbanger is somewhat low, but while they are alive they are a threat to innocent citizens. Gangbangers can be from any race, mostly minority races, but there are many white gangbangers who are just as bad and cockroach-like.
Gangbangers often dress with their pants half way down their asses and tend to have many tattoos, and many have shaved heads. Gangbangers have a strange dialect, and writing where it is hard to understand what they are talking about.
At times gangbangers aim to kill rival gangbangers but with their elementary school education, and aim their guns sideways (which looks gay) they miss and hit a poor bystander.
person 1: How did gangbangers manage to steal my bicycle?
pesron 2: Like cockroaches they can just climb in anywhere and take whatever they feel like taking.

Explosion kills three, fortunately those three were all dangerous gangbangers so it ended up saving many more lives.

Gangbangers are like any other pest like cockroaches and rats, only that gangbangers are much more dangerous and not as smart as cockroaches and rats.
by Call of Dutyfan November 08, 2010
205 72
A person that is in a gang.
"The gangbanger shot the liquor store owner."
by LedSleddIV January 06, 2003
260 172