Gandu, Originating from word Gand meaning Arse, This word is used for a person whose arse can be taken very easily by everyone.
Anshul is Gandu.Meaning everyone can take his arse. He is very stupid.
by Bratz December 11, 2007
A hindi word. Just a word you can call someone with many meanings. It can mean gay, homo, or just plain retarded.
Varun is going back to India, what a gandu.
by Teresa D. May 18, 2006
An asshole. In addition, it can mean somebody that likes to have his anal cavitiy filled.
Hey Gandu, how many boys did you hit on today?
by rah December 10, 2003
Means bokachoda, foolish person
Only a Gandu can waste time reading this.
by rajen November 26, 2003
jo gaand se nikalta hai ( one who takes birth from the anus)
ye gandu gand se aaya hai
by chal hud March 21, 2004
Gandu is a word originated from gandhi. Since gandhi is considered as the father of indian nation, all his sons (that is indians) were called gandu. So it is one word used to describe a nation. Now This word is used as a negative word. The guy who lets other fuck his ass. Since Indian politicians get their asses fucked by Pakistan and as politicians were called gandu thats why this negative meaning get associated with this word.
You r gandu means u r an indian politician
by mallcom July 05, 2007
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