gammy is when there is someting disgusting!!! irish people used it about 3 years ago but we dont say it any mone(well cool people dont say it anymore)
fella: look i fell in the match yesterday look at the big scab!!
girl: ahh dah is gammy!!! awwh
by luzzer November 11, 2005
In north wales we use the term to describe some ones emotional detatchment from the world, for a short period of time, when they have just been insulted or similar. And they do not have a quick come back.
John: "hey ted i just saw your mother kicking a can down the street.. Are you mooving house?"
Jim:"Look teds gone all gammy.."
by ShambleS12342e September 11, 2008
Scots (1) noun the act of manual masterbation performed by someone other than the recipient. (2) adjective deformed or unusually hideous.
(1) "Will you give me a gammy please?"
(2) "Have you seen Jeremy Beadle's gammy hand?"
by Pat Mc Groyne October 10, 2005
Something that is a little wrong and needs sorting out
Thats the guy with a gammy eye!
by philio_spesh_4 June 24, 2009
To receive oral sex from someone with no teeth, ie. an elderly gentleman.
Go intae that auld boy's hoose n try tae git a gammy aff 'im!
by Gwalke17 February 28, 2008
to have bruises, marks
she had gammys all over her face
by janiqua November 11, 2003
When you're talking about something funny, and then you fall down the stairs.
Somebody help me, before I gammy.

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