A term used in Queensland Australia (more prominent in the Northern parts) to describe the playing of a game or practicle joke
That person was so convincing in the way they were gammin with me
by MasterSofTrancE February 18, 2006
Top Definition
Australian slang. Aboriginal origins but now used throughout Queensland and the Northern territory. Can be a verb or adjective. Means PRETEND, used in 3 main contexts.

1. Lie, talk shit, deceive
2. Joke, muck around, tease
3. bad, shithouse
1. You reckon you've shagged sophie monk ay? you're gammin
2. Damo ripped you off for that q? what a gammin little cunt
3. you lost your phone last night? thats gammin
4. Nah I'm just gammin with you, i can come pick you up
by Catie ada October 03, 2007
Means Joking or just Playing
I was just making Muffins, Nah! Gammin!
by prodger August 25, 2006
The opposite of cool. Can be used to describe an event, person, or episode. Thus it could be used to describe a gammin event, a gammin cunt, or something thats plain gammin!
Steve: Hey man I got fired today!
Zed: That shit is gammin!
by Crix March 18, 2004
Not good, Stupid
That's gammin
by Struzball November 12, 2002
Australian slang (mainly in North Queensland and the Northern Territory, or by anyone who has spent an extended time in either)
when something/one is stupid
when something is crap(crappy)
*can be spelt gammon, gammen*
youre so gammin, hes so gammin, we're so gammin.
by socknbean December 14, 2006
i'm gammin ya, you are gammin me, are you gammin me
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
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