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Like a regular whore; exept they plan on xbox live, they can be freqeuntly found 'YOUR MOM' ing small children. They have never seen the light of day, and probably never will; they flourish well in a basement eviroment and are allergic to exercise which turns them to ash. They spend their days collecting gamerscore, in the hopes that one day they can buy a new soul with it and emerge into the outside world.

WARNING: A gamerwhore should never be aproached if they have been recently PWNZOOOORED on HALO3!!!1111111
Patrick c*******, Ross mc******, Will g*********. although Mr ross to a lesser extent as he is off the bloodline.
! gamerwhore !
by veryanomy November 21, 2007
A gamerwhore is mainly linked to an xbox 360 where you get gamerscore for completing certain objectives in the game.
The main example of a gamerwhore is Patrick Cassidy known on Xbox 360 Live as Quakers Ghost
by lohu November 22, 2007
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