No life. Likes to spend all their life gaming it up all day.
Justin Mondoux. Anyone who plays games all day. But mostly Justin. He is a true gamer. Haha love ya man.
by Austin Krizzam December 27, 2007
Person Who Owns In Video games and plays video games in most of their spare time. Usually has no sex life except for the hot Elf chick who's in game name is SexyChonga69 (See the Word Cyber Sex/Cybering for more information.) Has no social life except for "friends" he/she meets over x-box live, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc.
"Dude what are you doing after school? Wanna play baseball?"
"Oh sorry i cant, i gotta go home and raid this new dungeon Molten Core in world of warcraft"
"Damn dude your a hardcore gamer"
by Juan Lopez September 05, 2007
Someone who when they are with a group of their friends they sneak down into the basement and play Call of Duty 2 for Xbox 360, by themselves. Sometimes this person can eb called a pooner because they share the same qualities as a pooner would have.
Alex is such a gamer, last night at the party i couldn't find him for like an hour and it turned out he was alone, with the lights off, playing Call of Duty 2.
by -taters- July 30, 2006
One who is an expert at working "game", ie. ladies, females, etc.

One who consumes large amounts of alcohol or drugs and maintains conscioussness
Tom was clearly the biggest gamer last night when he drunk 6 guys under the table and went home with those twins and their cousin
by dmbdudej December 06, 2005
nickname for girls that like to get it on (do freaky shit or are allways in the mood)
oh that girl is such a gamer
by Dk152001 March 28, 2006

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