A term used loosely in modern society to define anyone who may partake in the playing of a video game. To be used as an insult, one may put "neckbeard gamer"
someone posting a pic of themselves wearing nerd glasses and holding up a videogame:
"OMG! Like, im like, such a nerd! #gamer
by NIKKEH KITTEH May 27, 2014
A person that plays video games and board games for recreation and competition, with the exception of games designed for cell phones and tablets
Self-proclaimed "gamer": "ZOMG im such a gamer i just got to level 13 on Candy Crush so MLG i bet YOU dont even play angry berdz u suxxorz

Human being: "stfu"
by Flarmy November 11, 2013
A male or female induvidual thats stays up for extended periods of time, usually through periodic consumption of energy drinks, to complete or improve upon a game.

Gamer's (Plural) Are A group of induviduals that usually follow the pre-described activity.
Friend: "Hey did you complete COD:Black Ops Yet man, it took me three days!"
Gamer: "Yeah It Took Me About A Day"
Friend: "How??"
Gamer: "Relentless, Time And Skill Man"
by BlueLightning March 30, 2013
gam⋅er gey-mer


A person who plays video games, console or PC. They play a wide selection of platforms, FPS (First person shooter) to RPG (Role playing games).
- "Dude, you own 86 games, you're a gamer"

- "Dude, you own evey Call of Duty, you're gay"
by Pumuqun January 08, 2010
A Xbox player. Typically told that playstation is superior, and knows that the morons who say this have incredibly low Iqs
I told my friend that I was a gamer, and he asked what kind of playstation I have. Moron.
by Yolokaliin January 09, 2016
A person who plays games on playstation,xbox,and pc and is prone to being alone and beating off to puppet porn
Steve is such a gamer
by TEHRAELSPODERMAN November 01, 2015
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