Primarily used as a term for a person who plays video games. Various levels of gamer exist, though this term is usually used for two groups:

1) People who have a life that is based around gaming to a point where they have no outside life. Usually obsessed with MMORPG games like World of Warcraft.

2) People who have a hobby of playing video games and take enough time to be good at them, but do not let them absorb their lives. Contrary to popular belief, these people are functioning human beings. They have jobs, friends, and enjoy some other parts of life.
1) "Dude, I haven't seen Dave in a few days. You know where he has been?"

"I think he said something about trying to get a few mages to 80 or something. I don't know, I never talk to him. He is such a gamer"

2) "Hey dude, wanna play some Left 4 Dead later?"

"Sure, why not. Have to go out with my girlfriend tonight, but after I should be free."
by Maiestas777 January 28, 2010
one who excels in gaming
Example: DAVETHEWAVE419 is a Gamer
by Gamer 101 April 25, 2009
One who is a step above a player and tremendously talented in the bedroom. A player is judged by the quantity of women he can hook up with, whereas a gamer is determined by the number of women and the quality of pleasure he gives them. Usually pronounced with an elongated 'a' sound.
Rick: Dude, did you hear Jason hooked up with Amber and Kristin? What a player, right?

Kurt: Man, they said he wasn't even that good. But Dan got with both of them too and they said he blew their minds! He's a gamer!
by Gristle McSteelbody January 06, 2012
A person that plays video games and board games for recreation and competition, with the exception of games designed for cell phones and tablets
Self-proclaimed "gamer": "ZOMG im such a gamer i just got to level 13 on Candy Crush so MLG i bet YOU dont even play angry berdz u suxxorz

Human being: "stfu"
by Flarmy November 11, 2013
(n.) a "Gamer" is someone, male or female, who plays video games often. There is no limit to certain games, nor is there a limit to certain consoles. Playing on a computer does not make one more of a "gamer" than one who plays on different consoles. Someone who plays shooter type games does not make them more of a "gamer" than one who plays racing games, either. There are different types of gamers who play different types of games at different lengths of time.
Jimmy is a gamer, he plays Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto regularly on his Xbox 360. Billy is a gamer too, who is always playing a variety of indie games and Minecraft. Jimmy says Billy is not a gamer because indie games are not hardcore. Billy says Jimmy is not a real gamer because he still plays on a console. Both need to go suck a cock.
by kaunua July 01, 2013
A term used loosely in modern society to define anyone who may partake in the playing of a video game. To be used as an insult, one may put "neckbeard gamer"
someone posting a pic of themselves wearing nerd glasses and holding up a videogame:
"OMG! Like, im like, such a nerd! #gamer
by NIKKEH KITTEH May 27, 2014
A male or female induvidual thats stays up for extended periods of time, usually through periodic consumption of energy drinks, to complete or improve upon a game.

Gamer's (Plural) Are A group of induviduals that usually follow the pre-described activity.
Friend: "Hey did you complete COD:Black Ops Yet man, it took me three days!"
Gamer: "Yeah It Took Me About A Day"
Friend: "How??"
Gamer: "Relentless, Time And Skill Man"
by BlueLightning March 30, 2013

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