A person who plays video games excessively each and every day, frequently allowing all their free time to be consumed by video games. These individuals frequently think they are smart, but are not as they spend all their time rotting their minds with video games rather than learning new skills. They are frequently quick to anger when losing on a video game because they have lost the ability to fully differentiate between games and reality. Most gamers are socially deficient and have "geek" or "nerd" qualities. Gamers are frequently virgins and rarely have any contact with the opposite sex. In the extremely rare case that a gamer somehow acquires a girlfriend, she usually leaves him within a few weeks after she learns that he is doomed to be a loser for the rest of his life because of his attachment to video games.
If you play video games excessively every day, you're a gamer. If you don't maybe you're not a gamer. If you don't agree with this definition, you can go fuck yourself.
by PENIX­ February 24, 2009
A term used loosely in modern society to define anyone who may partake in the playing of a video game. To be used as an insult, one may put "neckbeard gamer"
someone posting a pic of themselves wearing nerd glasses and holding up a videogame:
"OMG! Like, im like, such a nerd! #gamer
by NIKKEH KITTEH May 27, 2014
A Xbox player. Typically told that playstation is superior, and knows that the morons who say this have incredibly low Iqs
I told my friend that I was a gamer, and he asked what kind of playstation I have. Moron.
by Yolokaliin January 09, 2016
A person that plays video games and board games for recreation and competition, with the exception of games designed for cell phones and tablets
Self-proclaimed "gamer": "ZOMG im such a gamer i just got to level 13 on Candy Crush so MLG i bet YOU dont even play angry berdz u suxxorz

Human being: "stfu"
by Flarmy November 11, 2013
A male or female induvidual thats stays up for extended periods of time, usually through periodic consumption of energy drinks, to complete or improve upon a game.

Gamer's (Plural) Are A group of induviduals that usually follow the pre-described activity.
Friend: "Hey did you complete COD:Black Ops Yet man, it took me three days!"
Gamer: "Yeah It Took Me About A Day"
Friend: "How??"
Gamer: "Relentless, Time And Skill Man"
by BlueLightning March 30, 2013
gam⋅er gey-mer


A person who plays video games, console or PC. They play a wide selection of platforms, FPS (First person shooter) to RPG (Role playing games).
- "Dude, you own 86 games, you're a gamer"

- "Dude, you own evey Call of Duty, you're gay"
by Pumuqun January 08, 2010
A person who plays games on playstation,xbox,and pc and is prone to being alone and beating off to puppet porn
Steve is such a gamer
by TEHRAELSPODERMAN November 01, 2015
Whoever is being specifically chosen by a person I know.
Terra, you are a gamer.
by Terramaster June 12, 2015
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