A person who plays video games excessively each and every day, frequently allowing all their free time to be consumed by video games. These individuals frequently think they are smart, but are not as they spend all their time rotting their minds with video games rather than learning new skills. They are frequently quick to anger when losing on a video game because they have lost the ability to fully differentiate between games and reality. Most gamers are socially deficient and have "geek" or "nerd" qualities. Gamers are frequently virgins and rarely have any contact with the opposite sex. In the extremely rare case that a gamer somehow acquires a girlfriend, she usually leaves him within a few weeks after she learns that he is doomed to be a loser for the rest of his life because of his attachment to video games.
If you play video games excessively every day, you're a gamer. If you don't maybe you're not a gamer. If you don't agree with this definition, you can go fuck yourself.
by PENIX­ February 24, 2009
(n.) a "Gamer" is someone, male or female, who plays video games often. There is no limit to certain games, nor is there a limit to certain consoles. Playing on a computer does not make one more of a "gamer" than one who plays on different consoles. Someone who plays shooter type games does not make them more of a "gamer" than one who plays racing games, either. There are different types of gamers who play different types of games at different lengths of time.
Jimmy is a gamer, he plays Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto regularly on his Xbox 360. Billy is a gamer too, who is always playing a variety of indie games and Minecraft. Jimmy says Billy is not a gamer because indie games are not hardcore. Billy says Jimmy is not a real gamer because he still plays on a console. Both need to go suck a cock.
by kaunua July 01, 2013
Whoever is being specifically chosen by a person I know.
Terra, you are a gamer.
by Terramaster June 12, 2015
A male or female induvidual thats stays up for extended periods of time, usually through periodic consumption of energy drinks, to complete or improve upon a game.

Gamer's (Plural) Are A group of induviduals that usually follow the pre-described activity.
Friend: "Hey did you complete COD:Black Ops Yet man, it took me three days!"
Gamer: "Yeah It Took Me About A Day"
Friend: "How??"
Gamer: "Relentless, Time And Skill Man"
by BlueLightning March 30, 2013
gam⋅er gey-mer


A person who plays video games, console or PC. They play a wide selection of platforms, FPS (First person shooter) to RPG (Role playing games).
- "Dude, you own 86 games, you're a gamer"

- "Dude, you own evey Call of Duty, you're gay"
by Pumuqun January 08, 2010
A person who sends death threats and sexually harasses women because they dared insulted their beloved hobby, the vidya. Made their true nature widely known during the 2014 #gamergate scandal, where they drove several prominent women out of the video game industry for hurting their feelings.
Example 1: At first it was suspected that the bomb in the journalist's house was the work of Al Quida, but when it became clear that the journalist in question covered video games, it was clear that it came from gamers.

by BrendantheJedi October 15, 2014
Any professional hat, usually baseball, in mint condition. The brim will be flat, with the holograms still included on the bottom. That hat can be tilted, depending on region or affiliation. The hat can sit low, or rest gently on the top of the head (aka perching).
John Boy got that new throwback Cubs gamer to match his blue Nikes.
by Magooter March 14, 2009
Gamers are cool people who play video games. They have such systems like xbox, playstation, nintendo, and sega.

Even though I think the xbox sucks, I have met a lot of gamers who are really cool.

Gamers are known to have good minds because they use different parts of their brains while playing games
A lot of gamers I have met are really nice
by lunar shadows November 07, 2004

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