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Something that has become increasingly more prominent in the gaming community over time. One has to look no further than the Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy, protesters demanding a sequal to Half Life 2 and gamers whining about the PS3 getting DLC late. Another serious form of gamer entitlement is when PC gamers whine about developers not prioritizing the PC version of a game for their impractical gaming platform. Most PC gamers don't even buy games anymore, they just pirate them and they wonder why their favorite games don't have sequals. A gamer suffering from entitlement problems is very easy to identify, they have the tendancy to whine and moan over the smallest things and they like signing and creating petitions all the time, they also use excessive amounts of profanities. Gamers in general now days are extremely ungrateful and whiny, if a game isn't flawless they will complain and demand their money back.
Gamer entitlement is a serious mental disease and should not be taken lightly.
by normalgamer November 14, 2012
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