Will be a very good football team in the future with Steve Spurriers help.. in his first year he led them to beating almost 3 powerhouses (Florida, Tennessee, lost to Georgia because of a missed extra point). Their basketball team beat the Florida Gators ( National Champions) 2 out of 3 times and won the NIT. Also baseball has won the college world series like 8 times and gets pretty dang close to goin there every season. Will be very good in the 07 season.
The South Carolina Gamecocks will be the team to beat soon.
by cantbetouched July 24, 2006
a person whose poor sportsmanship or conduct makes the game unenjoyable for other participants
The yankees baseball team routinely pays off competing teams and umpires and referees to guarantee their wins. They ruin the baseball experience for any team that faces them, so they are gamecocks.
by demaral November 02, 2014
poor sport; someone who ruins the enjoyment of a game
Adam: We just beat you guys.
Bob: You deflated your team's footballs and paid off the refs. We only played to collect a paycheck, knowing we would lose.
Adam: Even though you're right, I revel in your despair, and am glad you were forced to play a predetermined game. I have ruined the sport of football forever for you.
Bob: You are a gamecock.
by jcold March 06, 2015
A condition related to poor personal hygiene where the the gamecock sufferer's cock exudes a really bad smell. Gamecock is typically limited to male gender for obvious reasons. Gamecock commonly results from either a prolonged lack of personal hygiene or from making poor choices typically related to excessive consumption of alcohol and subsequent activities. Once contracted, gamecock can persist for extended periods of time and requires more than just simple soap and hot water to cure the condition. While many remedies do exist, most are fairly extreme, causing the gamecock suffer to eventually resign and accept his fate. Oftentimes, the gamecock sufferer faces a life-long situation.
After hooking up Saturday night, Joe was taking a piss the next morning and noticed a seriously bad smell. The gamey, pungent smell was unmistakable. Joe had contracted gamecock.
by backatyoutroll March 17, 2012
1) noun -a rooster of fighting breed, or one bred or trained for fighting

2 noun -Fan or, or occasionally graduate the University of South Carolina. Known to inhabit trailer parks and fair grounds. Migratory patterns involve movement between various menial labor jobs, often a for month at a time.

see also, redneck, hater, inbred
The Gamecock got drunk and carved his initials into the side of a visiting professor's car.
by tigerbalm1 February 13, 2011
1.)Any fan/student/faculty/representative of the University of South Carolina, or any member of their so-called athletic programs.
2.)Perrenial (per-enn-ee-uhl - for you coots out there) losers and under-achievers.
3.)Wishful thinkers.
4.)Someone who, after starting a fist fight with themselves, could still find a way to lose.
5.) A group of football players that have the mystical ability to force people to leave a stadium at any point during a game.
Most vaccuum companies aspire to suck as much as the Gamecocks.
by D-GU August 11, 2005
A type of a bird who is also the University of South Carolina's Mascot!! THE COCKS!!
The gamecocks defeated the tarheels today!
by Katie February 16, 2005
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