Slang for Marijuana
also known as: Marijuana, Weed, Grass, Ganja, Buddha, Mary Jane, Magical Lettuce
Yo man lets go play/smoke some gamecube.
by Sky @ Texas July 13, 2006
the worst game system ever made that steels all the good games that should be on the xbox and if you just bought a game cube for 1 game you are a geek!
john:dude i just bought a came cube so i can play mario!

bob:so you wasted 100 dollars just for a game youll be bored with after a week

john:uhhh ya

bob:your a geek!
by P unit July 18, 2005
The worst purple piece of shit ever built by a gaming company. A total disgrace to the industry.

Made for litte kids, but enjoyed by older fucktards.

It isn't even a cube, and the games suck, therefore it should be renamed "shitbox".
Retard: Yo I bought a gamecube!
Gamer: You mean one of those shitboxes?
Retard: It's great I can play non-violent games!
Gamer: You should return that purple piece of shit for credit to buy a PS2 game.
by SgtGunneryHartman February 28, 2005
Gamecube definition: A console inferior in all ways to the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS2. Although the PS2 is also not as good as the Xbox or 360. Kay?
Mark: Hey Justin I just bought a gamecube!
*Justin hits mark with meaty Xbox controller*
Justin: No, bad Mark! What have I told you about bringing crap into my house?
by Justin Blanchard August 21, 2006
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