Competition, contest, fun escapade enjoyed whilst trying to win.

Games cease to become games when negative events, thoughts and/or actions appear evident.

Upon reaching this point we enter into the territory of war
I am gonna kick your ass on grand turismo.
Yeah, I would like to see you try.

X. (game)
I am gonna kick your ass on grand turismo.
Y. (game)
Yeah, I would like to see you try. :-)
X. (game)
really, you dumb shit, you could not drive a trycicle :-)

-Pathway decision

Y. (game)
Yeah yo' mum', lets play biatch ;-)

(incitement to war)
I am tired of you slandering my driving skillz, why dont you shut the hell up before I bitchslap you. :-(

The moment unhappiness is evident is the line between war and games.
Sometimes people dont see the unhappiness of the other side before it is evident via means of outward attack.

However if they are unhappy, they will not be smiling when they make thier joke. We need to be more aware of this if we are to end escalation to violence.
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
1. A noun used to describe what players 'spin' in order to attrct a mate.
2. Something that Fag Urkle could not get with a goat.
I feel so sorry for that goat. Tell Urkle to go get some cheese and kiss my ass.
by Squirrelykins June 22, 2005
Gay and lame at the same time
Sally: Wow Fred. You are so game today.
Fred: Why thank you Sally, that sounded like such a compliment!
by Elizabeth B. December 26, 2006
not anymore:
a while back in new york city, 50 cent told everyone on public radio that game is no longer part of g-unit. that was followed by two shootings.(go figure)
game is kicked out of g-unit, what will the world do now?
by Goldeye March 01, 2005
a piru blood thats with g-unit who got beef wit joe budden(s) cuz he started talkin that shit. his flow crazy 2
5th member of g-unit
by mike February 05, 2005
proper shit shop thats onyl good for deal of the day
buy your games from GAME!
by rock bottom, bitch April 15, 2004
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