When something is completely gay and lame at the same time. Most often used in context referring to an event in a video game.
Dude, those motherfuckers with the noob tubes are totally game.
by Mreguy69 April 25, 2010
(1) The newest member of the G-unit
wigger 1- "Yo, James did u here that new Game cd, I heard it was that heet"

stepfather 1; Shut the fuck up whiteboy.
by metalface February 19, 2005
The West-Side's revival! The Game is commin' at all ya'll and he's bringing the West Coast back. It aint dead, Game's jus' been asleep nigga...

His rhymes are ubelievable and he is mixin' with the best of em', Em, Buck, 50, Banks, Dre, Kanye, Just Blaze + heapz more!!! Get The Documentary, Game's new album out soon..! Check it...
Yo, Game is comin' afta Buck nigga, G..G..G..GG..GGG G-Unit!!! Aftermath 'n' Shady - together, along with G-Unit Records!!! Interscope biaatch!
by Pete January 17, 2005
Gay + Lame
Your mom stole my bag of weed, that's so game.
by AMnLM October 05, 2009
The lines on your head from your hair.
Yo man, fix up my game son!
by FabianG. December 28, 2007
the thing you just lost
I know about the game; therefore I lose it.
by ...meh. October 01, 2010
A fly young pimpin who has the name Frank and is sellin dem hoes for so much paypa and knows how to go hard on a bitch.
That playa Frank got so much game I can smell it on em.
by KForce November 23, 2008

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