means ghetto attitude manipulative environment. as told to my freind by a straight up pimp on an airplane... referring to someones skills with the hoes.
I see that nigga spitin his game
Dawg yo game is wack
his game is on point

by spaulb December 01, 2006
The act of doing anything out of the ordinary , or something you would not expect a person to do normally.

The act of trying not to be game is game.
Red just set the world record in kinect sports. Game

Wang ran into the wall while jogging in place. GAME

Pudding. GAME
by The niggy's October 21, 2011
It is a type of Dutch. It comes in a variety of flavors ranging from vanilla, honey, green, tobacco, wine flavored and many more.
1. Yo man pass dat game over here so I can roll dis piff.

2. Dis vanilla game is da bomb brah.

3. Yo dis green game is fuckin blazin

4. Dude put some of this sticky icky in this wine dutch.
by Diesel0332 August 02, 2009
Nickname for World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Hunter Hurst Helmsley, also known as Triple H.
Last night, the game won the match.
The game is a member of D-Generation X
by Groudon199 August 02, 2006
An all-encompassing metaphor for any competitive activity requiring strategy to win. In the urban subculture this usually implies deliberate and premeditated acts of deception and/or the manipulation of the opponent's mind. Somewhat like the art of magic, it is an ability to create something out of nothing, or alter reality at will (in order to win).
Most politicians are masters of the game.
by Execaters May 17, 2014
Definition: Do anything with a guy, e.g HJ, BJ, Sex etc

Boy: ''Girl are you game?''
Girl ''No, I'm not a slut''
by ANONYMOUS!128 July 13, 2010
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