Slang used to decribe something that causes you joy.
OK Go is so game.
What do you mean you're leaving? You're so less-than game, yo.
Tony told me he thinks your mom is so game.
by Julianna the OK Go fan February 16, 2009
general amount of money earned
my g.a.m.e. is tight, i got money
by musterd March 05, 2007
A game that a Player Plays
Dont hate the player, Hate the game
by Brendan McB January 30, 2004
Virtuosity, Mastery, Wizardry, Fluency, Ability or Proficiency in accomplishing a task or acquiring object of desire. Said primarily of athletes and pick-up artists.
"He walked in and got her number, just like that. Dude is a born player with MAD game."

"Foo! You ain't got game! Get off the court."
by Eater of Kittens February 02, 2009
girls that are hot and single
yo you see that game over there by the store
by nickyp August 11, 2006
3.5 grams of rock or powder cocaine.
Could also be called an 8 ball.
"Hurry the **** up man, Im a fiend for that game"

" You smoked a game by yourself ? "
by chrin June 09, 2004
Prostitution. Used in the phrase "on the game" to denote that the person is engaged in prostitution.
Mary couldn't pay her rent, she had to go on the game.
by Salvadore Allende January 22, 2004
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