Having The Skill In Something....Usually Getting Girls (Macking)...Or sometimes in a sport...
Sport Example:Damn...you just kicked my ass in football...you got game...

Macking Example:Yo you see him get that girl....he got game..
by Jay~ September 24, 2007
1. Conversating with a girl, usually telling lies, to get her to give you her phone number or to let you beat.
"I went over and spit game to this fine ass girl last night."
by JJ March 02, 2005

Rule 1: you are playing the game
Rule 2: Whenever you think about the game you lose
Rule 3: Loss must be announced

The objective of the Game is to forget that it exists
Crap, I just lost the game!
by shit-i-lost April 23, 2009
Cigar (offered in Vanilla, Greenleaf, and Original flavors) made by the Garcia y Vega company commonly used for rolling marijuana blunts. In my area (Hampton Roads aka the 757), the greenleaf blunts are popular for the lack of harshness. About $4.00 at a 7-11. To the left!!!!! G-Town represent.
"Nigga fuckin Charles, let's spiral a quarter of sour bubble in a Game and go jump some Bubbas over in Gloucester"

"Zander Toth is a nigga. I heard he smokes Games."
by N. Charles January 24, 2007
(n.)a pasttime

(adj.)the aability to change your pimp juice into words and get a person to do something
Using my pimp game,I got her to suck my dick.
by pharoahpimp April 04, 2004
1. getting at money everyday 2. getting ahead more effeciently
"if you have g.a.m.e you can get money,just because you have money doesn't mean you have g.a.m.e." - the mad mac
by the mad mac July 09, 2013
Once you know about the game, you're playing the game weather you like it or not. When ever you think of the game, you lose the game. You can not lose for 15 minutes after you first lose, as to be given a chance to forget about the game. When ever you lose the game, you must announce it.
Jim: So i was talking to Shannon about this game we were playing last weekend...
Danny: Dammit, I just lost the game!
Crowd: Dammit
by fluffeh-kitteh110032 October 29, 2009
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