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A dumb girl and her attempt to play hard to get, be the bitch, or the attempt of just pulling bullshit
Bitch you better quit playin games, I'm tired of that loose pussy.
by DSIZZLE November 22, 2003
a faggot rapper from compton who sucks ass and thinks their better then G-Unit and has to steal a beat from G-unit cause cant find a better one to use in a diss unlike G-unit........G-Unit
For example The Game is like, he is like RKelly. What the hell is Bloods.
by JJay May 13, 2006
rapper who's down wit G-Unit
Game feat 50: how we do great track
by Sweet December 08, 2004
A rapper from g-unit dat iz from Cedar Blocc Compton Piru Blood Gang.
Game iz a fuccin slob ass nigga.
by southcentralian October 25, 2004
Lets go and smoke some game
by Danny June 19, 2003