nazis/ germans that wont get off ur ass

came from the war wen the germans attempted to hide in the poop chutes of american soldiers.
wat an annoyin galute.
by chowder October 29, 2004
Top Definition
n. A man who is large, oafish, lazy, or fat (or, more often, a combination of these.)

See galoot
You're just a big galute, but I love you anyway.

You've been playing your games and eating junk food all day. Go get some exercise, you galute!
by Jamos February 22, 2005
A word to describe an Irish Behemoth named Colin. Infamous for doing the Jesus Dance, Walking up homes naked, and being forced to do things that normal people wouldn't do.
Galute go up to that house naked for $2.
by newton johnson November 15, 2006
A mischievous, but loveable dog. Usually a golden retriever.
That old galute, she ran off again!
by anonymous1792023743294892834 September 26, 2010

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