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To murder a man without knowing.
I galted the president.
by Riley Jones February 28, 2005
19 11
The shittiest little town you will ever accidentally stumble into. If you have lived there, your parents are seriously fucked up. There are more cows than people, and who said you need to speak english to live in America. Just ask the mexicans selling strawberries on every corner.
"Dude this place is hell on earth"
"No, its just Galt..."
by Imstuckhereintownfml December 13, 2009
53 33
Galt is a shit hole, a town full of fake ass people, and wannabe gangsters. There is literally nothing to do here except smoke weed. If you grew up in Galt I am sorry, not all California towns are this shitty so don't lose hope in humanity just yet.
Tommy - Have you ever heard of a town called Galt? It's somewhere between Sacramento and Stockton.

Joey - Yeah, that's probably one of the shittiest towns in all of California don't ever move there.
by Galt Resident November 15, 2013
15 0
Galt is David. He is recognised by the idiotic things he does and how silly he is. He often acts mutant like and is extremely influential on others around him. Approach with caution.
"Here comes the GALT!"

"Stop acting like a GALT"
by McTavish Clan December 26, 2011
2 5
to murder some one and not kno it.
I like so galted my friend because i was to sleepy.
by Riley Jones March 10, 2005
8 13
1.) the action of spraying or splashing someone with any kind of bodily fluid.
I was about to finish and I decided to galt on her chin.
by masterhand May 20, 2009
3 9
The greatest little town in California. Yes, it has been known for undercover police officers in its high school aiming to catch high school drug dealers and yes, it has a weekly flea market. Despite that, the town is an amazing place, truly somewhere that "everybody knows your name."
I am proud to call Galt my hometown.
by Lo-Izzle April 06, 2007
22 33