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A latex device to keep you from a) getting that greasy skank pregnant b) getting crotch crickets from the greasy skank.
Just before I stuck my stanky hang down in the greasy skank, I put on a galosh.
by Shi-Thead Kreemydrawz May 12, 2006
1. A rubber boot
2. A condom (used)
3. Verbal bus stop rap
"I notice you aren't wearing any galoshes. I'm wearing galoshes."
by Hank February 01, 2003
Tall waterproof rain boots usually having additional rubber at the toe.
Im tryna cop them new Columbia galoshes that just came out.
by Panama March 21, 2005
Another (better) name for glasses.
I wear my galoshes when reading.
by The doctor named phil February 24, 2010