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Based on the playstation 1 game Galerians. A 'galerian' is a altered human that has to inject drugs into him to use psychic forces. Drugs such as, Red (torches people into flames), Nalcon (psychic throw) and D-Felon (mentaly picks up person(s) and slams them). If a galerian(s) drugs are not taken for a maximum amount of time, the galerian will have a migrane that will enable him to have anyones head exploded/mutilated if they are next to him/her. Galerians in the past, Rion, Birdman, Rainheart, Rita, and Cain. Sequal to Galerians is the Playstation 2, Galerians:ASH.
He is a galerian!
Please get away!
by Bawitback January 22, 2005
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