GALPAL: Acronym for > Giggled a Little, Peed a Little.

To be used in text or email by women over fifty who, when they laugh at something funny, also pee a little...
OMG Sylvia, that was the funniest email! I totally GALPAL'd.
by zenrose March 24, 2013
A girl with whom you have a platonic friendship.

N.B 'platonic' refers to a non-sexual friendship, as opposed to 'romantic'.
I can talk with my gal pal about anything.
by Princess Michiru Kaiou March 17, 2009
A gal pal is a guy who hangs around with all the girls. This particular species befriends all the girls around him in hopes that his sensitive charms will somehow get him laid. Unfortunately for the gal pal, he shall never get laid for all the girls he hangs with shall never see him as anything past a good friend.
That Josh Richards is the biggest gal pal. He won't get laid until he realizes that chicks dig badasses.
by Sade Aziel Drake April 13, 2004
1. Close supportive female pal minus the intimacy
2. Slang (synonymous) - girlfriend
1. Joe: How did get through these tough times when you were so financially down?

Robert: Well, I did have tough times but my sweet old galpal Dorica was always by my side

2. 'zup folks - meet my galpal, Angela! Smack!
by Haris March 10, 2005
Secret Lesbian Lovers
Taylor and Karlie are Gal Pals who like to attend social events together.
by NateBlank December 06, 2014
The gentlemen that gossips in the kitchen with the girls, while all the other men are watching the game in the other room.
Do you want to have a gal-pal secret telling session?
by jd*di512 November 23, 2011
3 gay men and a lesbian who make over straight girls.
see: Fab Five, can be seen on Bravo wednesdays at ten
by apollajade January 21, 2005

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