The gentlemen that gossips in the kitchen with the girls, while all the other men are watching the game in the other room.
Do you want to have a gal-pal secret telling session?
#ladies man #bro #galpal #guy-friend #man of honor
by jd*di512 November 23, 2011
Top Definition
Secret Lesbian Lovers
Taylor and Karlie are Gal Pals who like to attend social events together.
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by NateBlank December 06, 2014
term used by people who are either A.) Blinded by heteronormativity B.) Homophobic or C.) all of the above when speaking of a romantic relationship between two females. Usually used by newsreporters. May also be used by said females in romantic relationship in the prescense of homophobes and/or oblivious people-said with heavy sarcasm and eye-rolls, and in some occasions, the flipping of the bird.
1.) Newsreporter to : "So It says here your gal pal and you went out to insert expensive restaurant together, alone, and returned to your house for the night. In the morning you went out to breakfast and held hands-what good friends you two are!-as you walked in the park. Other than that, your Valentines day seems quite empty. Are there any men your pursuing at the moment? I bet you saw some cute guys when you were out with your gal pal at that restaurant! ;)"

Woman being interviewed: *looks into the camera like she's on the office*

2.) Woman: *Kisses girl who wears matching ring and coordinating formal outfits under a white arch*

News Reporter: "Wow! What a wonderfull friendship! You two are some amazing gal pals! Any cute guys on any of your horizons? ;) I hear there are handsome men at formal events!"

Woman:" If you could excuse my gal pal and I, we're about to buy a house, spend the rest of our lives together, and adopt some wonderfull children who we will love unconditionally." *kisses woman next to her in white dress.*

Newsreporter: Gal pals <3
#gal pal #relationship #lesbian #love #same sex #heteronormativity
by pugsaersad February 27, 2015
A girl with whom you have a platonic friendship.

N.B 'platonic' refers to a non-sexual friendship, as opposed to 'romantic'.
I can talk with my gal pal about anything.
#friend #chum #kind #gentle #understanding
by Princess Michiru Kaiou March 17, 2009
What Republicans call lesbians.
Old Lady: "You young ladies look like such good friends."
Lisa: "Thanks, ma'am, but we're not just gal pals, we're dating."
by gangry October 13, 2015
1. Close supportive female pal minus the intimacy
2. Slang (synonymous) - girlfriend
1. Joe: How did get through these tough times when you were so financially down?

Robert: Well, I did have tough times but my sweet old galpal Dorica was always by my side

2. 'zup folks - meet my galpal, Angela! Smack!
by Haris March 10, 2005
A gal pal is a guy who hangs around with all the girls. This particular species befriends all the girls around him in hopes that his sensitive charms will somehow get him laid. Unfortunately for the gal pal, he shall never get laid for all the girls he hangs with shall never see him as anything past a good friend.
That Josh Richards is the biggest gal pal. He won't get laid until he realizes that chicks dig badasses.
by Sade Aziel Drake April 13, 2004
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