One of the worst things to happen to the internet. Aside from certain pictures. Its a site that is full of nobody but emo and gay people, going on about how "omg im queztin 4 new shirt 4 my avi!1". Nothing productive or useful comes out of this massive waste of bandwidth. Avoid at all costs.
hiyas ^_________________^ im post pics 4 gold so i cn fnsh my item quest!!!!!!!! kekekekeke!!!
by econobeing April 21, 2005
The stupidest forum on the planet.
"Hey Kris, join my (snort) guild. How much (pushes up glasses) gold do you have? I want a new hat god damnit!"
by snafu January 16, 2005
My name! I do play go gaia as well.
Hello, my name is gaia.
by Gaia May 26, 2004
see tetrahydrocannabinol
gaias current residence
by guevara April 19, 2004

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