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a vagina wider than it is tall
when i touched the inside of her leg, I realized she had a gagina.

"I'll get excited if I put that between my legs becasue i have a gagina.

"go more left I have a gagina."
by Lucas D June 07, 2005
Derogatory term used to accurately describe a dirty lesbian.
Why the hell are there so many gagina's in this bar? Don't they know the lesbian bar is down the street?
by Jokestrapper June 28, 2006
a vagina so revolting and beastly it makes you want to gag.
for example "Dude, my ex girlfriends vagina smelled like a rotten can of sardines, I almost threw up on her "gagina"!"
by OM NOM NOM HOE July 03, 2009
The sweet fruit of a goddess. It can only be eaten by the worthiest of men.

Kimberly's lips are as sweet as a Gagina.
by s213146 August 26, 2008
The name you call someone when they done fucked up.

Origin: When you're trying to make the end of a blunt look like a vagina but your friend fucks up and says gagona.
1. Make is look like a gagina!

2. -drops the weed- You fucking gagina!
by OlympicBowler April 28, 2011
when you slit your gooch shaving and you bleed a little the hole that is created is called a gagina
I was bleeding all out my gagina, i really needed a tampon!
by chuck rich and chris January 13, 2006
True Definition of Gagina.

Gagina (pronounced Guh-J-eye-na) is the mergining of two words (Gut and Vagina)...hence GaGina.

A Gagina is when a woman is so fat that the roll of blubber formed just underneath her waistband bulges out and appears to have a large, vertical dent in it. This gives the appearance of a large vagina but is, in fact, just an optical illusion formed by the fat and the elastic in the underwear.
Tony: I like REALLY large women! Where's the best place to go in this town to scope me out some ladies with Gaginas?

Leroy: Walmart. There's so many there you'll think you died and went to heaven.

Tony: Thanks. I can smell the yeast already.
by Ted Hollister April 17, 2011