Stands for GodAwful Fanfic Forums. A place where bad fanfic gets its ass-kicked for cheap laughs and quick mental stimulation.
"I love GAFF!" reported one fan of this Mafiaosi type of fanfic site.
by Simple Plan Sucks June 18, 2005
To steal or take somthing
I gaffed that bitches car
by Dirty-C February 13, 2005
to talk wit, or to chatt
person 1: y the f**k did u fone me?
person 2: just to gaff
by Souaf AmeriCAN Half-Breed June 26, 2004
1 of 2 meanings -
1- someones humble abode a house or apartment
2- a vagina
1- "We're having a party round my gaff"
2 - "Do you want to cum round my gaff" Caroline said, "Erm what time?" Sessel replied
by Sessel April 28, 2006
mucous or plegm emitted during sneezing or coughing especially when it is projected on to oneself.
damn, i just gaffed on my arm.
by tim December 16, 2003
that cunt nicked my gaff and smoked it up his arse.....
by Wonder chode December 30, 2002
an abbreviated term some use meaning Gay As F*ck.
why did you just do that? you are so gaff!
by nifty4 April 16, 2005
to get head off a girl u don't really know
This bitch gave me a gaff then I kicked her out of the car
by orphieus March 07, 2005

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