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Stands for GodAwful Fanfic Forums. A place where bad fanfic gets its ass-kicked for cheap laughs and quick mental stimulation.
"I love GAFF!" reported one fan of this Mafiaosi type of fanfic site.
by Simple Plan Sucks June 18, 2005
To hire a 'hit rapist'
I'm sending a gaff round her way, the bitch
by kyplex April 18, 2009
Grab Ass From Front

To grab someone's ass from the front.
Hey did you gaff Megan yet?
Shit man she loves it when I gaff her.

I gaffed her for two and a half hours.

by NieccoCapone November 23, 2008
To Steal
I gaffed that.
by gabe19712 March 07, 2006
Underwear used by trannys to conceal their man junk
That tranny's gaff is so good it looks like he/she has a vagina.
by ThomasPhillip April 25, 2007
Acronym of the infamous web site Godawful Fan Fiction and its associated message board, dedicated to finding, discussing, eviscerating and laughing at the worst examples of fan fiction available on the internet.
Hey, the author of that Orlando Bloom/George Bush/Harry Knowles bukkake story just got ripped a new one on GAFF and she's posted a huge rant to defend it.
by BV January 13, 2004
Something that is fake or just not right. Like when someone buys a $20 fake Rolex or someone tries to explain to you how to do something the wrong way.
"Hey, look at this great Rolex I bought for $20" "That watch is gaff"

"Take a right after the Dairy Queen go straight for two miles" "Those directions are gaff"

by LoveBroker July 10, 2008